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It is impossible to say. An ultrsound at this stage can only say that your baby is an AVERAGE of 35 and a half weeks. You may have a small full-term baby or a big 33 week baby as babies vary so much in size at this stage.

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2007-01-14 09:26:24
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Q: When did you conceive your ultrasound on January 13 said that you were 35 and half weeks?
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At 18 and a half weeks pregnant can an ultrasound read at 20 weeks what would be the reason Is the baby big can an ultrasound be off by 10 days?

At this stage, yes the ultrasound can be off by 10 days. Mine was off by ten days the other way, that is I thought I was 18 weeks and the ultrasound said 16 and a half. I knew when I had conceived because my husband had been away on a trip.

When did you conceive if your ultrasound said you were 31 weeks and 1 day on April 13?

There is no way to pinpoint that exactly from an ultrasound done after the first six to twelve weeks. 3rd trimester ultrasounds are notoriously unreliable for measuring the size and age of the fetus. Your last menstrual period was likely in the first half of September. Conception was likely to be late September or early October.

When did you conceive if you are 4 and a half weeks pregnant?

You conceived 4 and 1/2 weeks before you wrote this question. Check your calendar to see the exact date.

If you are 9 and a half weeks pregnant and you dont detect a heartbeat at an ultrasound could the baby still be alive?

i would say no

When did you conceive if you got an HCG level drawn on July 15 and it said you were 5 and a half weeks?

I don't think you can tell when you conceived from a single HCG test as the normal variation is so wide so the test cannot say definitively you are 5 and one half weeks pregnant. It is much more accurate to have an ultrasound scan and measure the size of the baby. Even then you may be out by 2-3 days either way.

When you went in for your ultrasound at 19 and a half weeks baby was in breech position so theres a little white dot in between the legs does that mean boy or girl?

it means it's a boy

How many weeks are in 45 and a half days?

6 and a half weeks.

How many weeks are there in half a year?

There are 26 weeks in half a year.

How many weeks are in one in half years?

128 weeks 52 weeks in a year26 in half a year =128 weeks

If your HCG level said you were 5 and a half weeks pregnant on July 15 when did you conceive?

You would of just conceived in the last 3-6 days. If you are truly 5 and a half weeks pregnant you would have conceived around 18th June, but there is a wide variation in 'normal' HCG levels so an ultrasound scan can give you a more accurate date. Incidentally, here in Britain very few women have HCG levels done. I have been a midwife since 1979 and at no time over the past 26 years has it been done routinely.

How many weeks are in 4 and a half years?

348 weeks in 4 and a half years.

How many weeks in half a year?

26 weeks, Because there are 7 weeks.

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