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Q: When do people use velocity instead of speed?
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Why we does not use speed instead of velocity?

When the direction of motion is relevant, you would use velocity rather than speed.

Why there's a change velocity if you are changing direction?

Because that's the definition of 'velocity'.'Velocity' is not just a word you use instead of 'speed' when you want to sound smart.It's meaning is different from the meaning of 'speed'.'Velocity' has two parts to it . . . speed and direction. If either of those changes, thenthe velocity has changed.

Why is velocity and speed same unit?

Velocity is speed, plus an indication of direction. To indicate a velocity, you can indicate a speed (this will logically use units of speed), and a direction.

How can you use integers to reprsent the speed and velocity of an object?

You can sometime use integers but often speed or velocity can also be irrational.

Speed is to scalar quantity whereas velocity is to?

... a vector quantity. Speed is a scalar, meaning only the magnitude (a number) is used. If the direction of a movement is of interest, you use the word "velocity", instead, to describe the vector. A vector has both a magnitude and a direction.

Why not use speed instead of velocity?

Speed and velocity are the same in magnitude; but speed is a scalar and velocity a vector; a vector has magnitude and direction. For example if an object is moving with a speed of 100 mph in a certain direction its velocity is 100 mph in that direction. If it changes direction ate same speed and you want to compute distance traveled, etc., you would need to use vector addition. We sometimes use speed and velocity interchangeably which is fine for talking purposes.

Use terminal velocity in a sentence?

termial velocity has speed direction an acceleration

Acceleration is a change in speed or?

Acceleration is the change in an ogjects speed or a change in an objects direction of motion or both of these. If instead of speed you use the word velocity , which is both an object's speed and its direction of motion, then you could say "acceleration is the change in an objects velocity" and that would cover all the possibilities in one statement.

A wave with a frequency of 18 hz has a wavelength of 4 meters what is the velocity of the wave?

speed = wavelength x frequency therefore, you would solve this by multiplying 18 and 4 to find the speed. There isn't enough information to find the velocity. In fact, it's doubtful whether it's even appropriate to talk about the 'velocity' of a wave. 'Velocity' is not simply a word you use instead of 'speed' in order to sound smart.

Why do streets and highways have speed limits rather than velocity limits?

In physics, "speed" is how fast you go and "velocity" is how fast you go in a specific direction. On the road, it doesn't matter what direction you are going, only how fast. In common language outside of physics, we usually use "speed" and "velocity" to mean the same thing. But the word "speed" is shorter, so that is usually prefered for use on signs and in writting the laws about how fast you can drive. ************************** speed is really the same as velocity (u asked this at just the right time, i just studdied this in my science! lol). So why they chose to write on the speeding signs "speed" instead of "velocity", i have no idea....But if I think about it, the word "velocity" is more of a scientific name. "speed" is more simple, and to the point...everyone knows what were talking about! AND, if they DID us the word "velocity" over "speed", then you would probably be asking the same question, but reversed- "why are there velocity limits instead of speed limits?" you get where im comming from? but, good question, anyway!!Velocity would not be an accurate measurement unless the highway or street was completely straight because velocity also indicates direction.

How velocity use in a sentence?

Velocity basically just means speed. We drove at a high velocity down the highway.

How do you do you find speed in physics?

Fundamentally, you measure distance and time. If instead you have some assorted facts such as initial velocity, final velocity, time, acceleration and so on then you would use the SUVAT equations, which you can look up in wikipedia.