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We use fractions when measuring at times such as when you're cooking or baking, and seeing how tall you are. :)

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Q: When do you use fractions?
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Related questions

Why do you use fractions in your teaching and learning of fraction?

It would be very difficult to teach and learn fractions if you did not use fractions!

How many jobs use fractions?

There are 137 jobs that use fractions.

How would you use fractions in nursing?

you can use fractions in nursing in when you weigh someone

How can you use models to multiply fractions?

No, you cannot use models to multiply fractions!!

Examples of fractions used in everyday life?

We use fractions in the grocery we use fractions in the grocery shops like half a dozen

When do people use fractions?

People use fractions when there is slightly more or less than a whole

Where do you use the GCF?

When you are reducing equivalent fractions.

What jobs use fractions and how?

mechanics use fractions by needing to cut a piece of metal that is half inch long.How?

How do teachers use fractions?

Teachers teach fractions to their students.

How you use the algorithm when multiplying fractions by fractions?

step by step

When can you use common multiples and factors?

Use the LCM when you are adding and subtracting unlike fractions. Use the GCF when you are simplifying fractions.

Do bankers use fractions?

Yes, bankers use fractions because fractions are the same as percentage. and they need percentage for exact change and for knowing how much money is in the safe.

How do GCF and LCM involve with the real world?

Use the GCF to reduce fractions. Use the LCM to add and subtract unlike fractions. Carpenters work with fractions a lot.

Did Egyptians use fractions?

yes they did . Egyptians were the ones to invent fractions .

Can you use fractions with temperature?

Yes, you can use fractions with temperature. A temperature that is halfway between 30° and 31° is 30½°.

What is the best graph to represent fractions?

the best graph to use to represent fractions is a pie graph, that is if all the fractions denominators are the same...

When adding fractions with unlike denominators it is most helpful if the fractions are renamed using the?

If the denominators are not the same, then you have to use equivalent fractions which do have a common denominator . To do this, you need to find the least common multiple (LCM) of the two denominators. To add fractions with unlike denominators, rename the fractions with a common denominator.

What do you use fractions in?


How can you use shapes and fractions?

because u tell used tou using fractions.

Can you use fractions rather than math?

I am not sure at what you are getting at, but fractions are a math component.

What is the use of fractions?

Fractions (as well as decimals) are used to work with numbers that are not exact integers.

What jobs use converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions?

A math teacher or a mathematician.

Is there a shortcut key for fractions?

Not in Excel. Excel does not use fractions. If you need to use fractions, then turn them into decimals. You can represent 1/2 in excel with the formula =1/2.

How does a computer programmer use fractions?

A computer programmer can use fractions in his/her program simply by turning the fraction into a decimal. In a language like java, there is not extensive support nor a primitive data type for fractions, but you can store fractions as their decimal equivalents in things such as floats and doubles.

How do architects use fractions?

Architects use fractions every day in their designs. Fractional measurements are a major part of any design or building.