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Q: When graphed the circle with equation x2 plus y2 - 10x plus 16 0 will lie ENTIRELY in which Quadrants?
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Is the equation for a circle a function?

The equation for a circle is a function in that it can be graphed and charted. One common equation is x^2 + y^2 = r^2.

How many quadrants form a circle?

There are 4 quadrants in a circle

How many quadrants are in a circle?

Break it down.the word Quad, means four.So four quadrants are in one circle.

How many quadrants in a circle?


How do you use algebraic reasoning to find a way to graph X2 plus Y2 equals 9 using a graphing calculator Explain why it doesn't look like a circle and also try and how you could alter the scr?

When graphing, you typically want an equation in the form y = f(x). To convert your equation for a circle to this form: Y2 + X2 = 9 Y2 = 9-X2 Y=sqrt(9-X2) This equation will not look like a circle when it is graphed because the square root of any real number is always positive, so only the positive half of the circle will be graphed.

What does whole circle represent in the circle graph?

It represents every thing that is being graphed, but mostly percentage.

How Many 90 degree quadrants can a circle be dividedinto equally?


What quadrant of the unit circle has negative secants?

Quadrants 2 and 3.

What does the word quadrants mean?

In the context of a circle or the coordinate plane, quadrants are the four quarters defined either by two mutually perpendicular radii or the coordinate axes.

Which circles lie completely within the fourth quadrant?

A circle with centre (x0, y0) and radius r has the equation of:(x -x0)&Acirc;&sup2; + (y - y0)&Acirc;&sup2; = r&Acirc;&sup2;By writing the equation of any circle in this form its centre and radius can be determined.To completely lie within a quadrant, the centre of the circle must be more than r away from the y- and x-axes:In the first quadrant if: x0 > r and y0 > rIn the second quadrant if: x0 < -r and y0 > rIn the third quadrant if: x0 < -r and y0 < -rIn the fourth quadrant if: x0 > r and y0 < -rIf either x0 or y0 (or both) is exactly r away from the y- or x-axis then the circle is on boundary between quadrants, and if either x0 or y0 (or both) is less than r away from the y- or x-axis, then the circle is in more than one boundary.f x0 < r from the y-axis then the circle is in quadrants I and II, or y0 < r from the x-axis then the circle is in quadrants III and IV; if both less than r away from their respective axes, the the circle is in all four quadrants.

What are quadrants in trigonometry?

They are the quarters of a circle which are created by two straight lines intersecting at right angles at its centre.

If a circle is centered at the origin and the length of its radius is 6 What is the circle's equation?

The general equation of a circle is given by the formula(x - h)2 + (x - k)2 = r2, where (h, k) is the center of the circle, and r its radius.Since the center of the circle is (0, 0), the equation reduces tox2 + y2 = r2So that the equation of our circle is x2 + y2 = 36.