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it will be declared after may 20...possibly on may 26,27 or 28th.

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Q: When is Cbse 2009 xth result declaration?
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What is the exact date of declaration of result of CBSE class Xth 2012?

i think our result is declaring on 23 may.

When will CBSE give recounting result?

cbse recounting result may 2012 xth std

When the result of class xth of cbse board will be announced?

specify eexam year

You want to know your roll number?

yes i want to my roll number of xth std 2013 cbse result by student detail

When did the result of 10th class declared in delhi?

the result of Delhi, Allahabad and Guwahati Regions of xth class will be declared on 28th may

When will be the results of Xth standard of maharashtra board for the year 2008-2009?

It will be declared on 22nd of June 2009 at 11:00 hrs................

What does 1 calendar month's notice mean?

You get the notice on the Xth of month A, and you have until the Xth of month B to be gone.

You want to know the roll no for class Xth exams pvt candidate?

I am A private candidate for Xth exams. i wish to know my roll number

Is ther is any scope to join navy after xth?

If xth means tenth grade then no You can't join the navy until you have completed highschool or have a highschool GED

Which syllabus is better icse CBSE state?

I studied in CBSE for 12 years, from Kintergarden to Xth and moved over to State Board (TN) for my higher secondary. From my experience, I would rate ICSE to be the toughest, followed by CBSE and State. ICSE / CBSE syllabi are designed to promote thinking among children, going by the way examination questions are framed (answers to questions are not directly found in textbooks but are related to the syllabus) whereas state board examinations are usually straightforward questions from the book. The downside of ICSE / CBSE (esp if you happen to be in TN) is that you stand a much lesser chance of landing a seat in popular colleges (Engg / Med) since the entrance exams for these are based on state board syllabus and students from state board score much higher than those from ICSE / CBSE since they are considered on a level platform irrspective of the boards. also it is the cbse syllabus which helps one to crack all sorts of competitive exams and it brings out the true knowledge of a person.

Can you give some important topics of English composition of icse xth board exam?

can u give some important topics of english composition of icse xth std board exam?

Class xth important question section?

cos60 + sin30 = tan90