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Do you mean "Between two other points? If yes, when it lies on a straight line between both points that are farther away and on the same line.

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Q: When is a point said to be between to other points?
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What is the principle of virtual ground?

If no current flows between two points. ONE point is grounded then other point is said to be virtually grounded. THIS is called principle of virtual ground.

What is the difference between series and parallel wiring?

Two wires are said to be in parallel, if both the wires share two common points with each other. And if this point sharing is limited to one, it is said to be in series.

When is a truss called a rigid truss?

a truss is said to be rigid when there is no relative motion of any point on any member of the truss with respect to any other point on any other member of the truss. in other words, a truss is said to be rigid when the distances between any two points on the truss remain constant at all times.

What is the shotest distance tow points?

It has been said that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points.

What is it called when three points lie on a line?

If three points all lie on the same line, then the points are said to be "collinear". This is also true if the slope from each point to the next is the same.

What is an unanswered point in basketball?

It's the same as an unanswered point in any sport. It means, simply that one team scored points, let's say a field goal, for two, and when the other team got the ball, they couldn't score. The first team scored two unanswered points. If one team goes on a run and scores 15 points to the opponents 0 points, they would have been said to have scored 15 unanswered points.

What are non concurrent lines and points?

In geometry, two or more lines are said to be concurrent if they intersect at a single point. If they do not intersect at the single point they are non concurrent.

What is the meaning of each point on the Nautical Star?

The only thing I know is that each point on the star has a different meaning.The five points are said to stand for,independenceintegrityintuitionindividualityinnovation

What are two numbers that specify a point in a plane called?

The two points are the ordered pair of the coordinates of the point.

If the universe is infinite then surely there can be no such thing as the speed of light as there is no start point and no end point?

Logically incoherent. Who said you need to use the entire universe to measure the speed of anything ? Simply define your own start and end points, and then measure the time light takes to travel between them. The points can be as mundane as two opposite walls of the restroom in your laboratory.

Points on the same line are said to be?

Collinear points.

What is the difference between weighted Grade point average and cumulative Grade point average?

A weighted grade adds an extra point to the class making it 5 points out of four. If you had five weighted classes it would be a 5.0. But remember as the Famous Hispanic Dancer, Patrizio Paez had said,"Never overdo yourself, even when mowing a lawn".

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