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Q: When is doubling a known fact useful?
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What is the opposite of doubling a number?

The opposite of doubling a number is halving it. This is also known as multiplying by 1/2 or .5 or dividing by 2.

Which multiplication fact can you use to find 6x12 by doubling?

it would be 36 times two

Is the sentence Bats are useful animals A fact or opinion?


Can Friskies coupons be doubled?

Yes Friskies coupons can be doubled. You will of course have to go to a store that in fact practices the doubling of coupons.

When does doubling of DNA occur?

The doubling of DNA (known as DNA synthesis or DNA replication) occurs during the "S (synthesis) phase" of the cell cycle. This is part of interphase, and occurs before mitosis (cell division).

How you could use doubling to find the product 13 X 4?

Doubling a number is equivalent to multiplying by 2. Doubling twice (doubling, and then doubling the result again) is equivalent to multiplying by 4. (Also, doubling three times is the same as multiplying by 8, doubling 4 times is the same as multiplying by 16, etc.)

Do poison ivy plants produce berries?

Yes. In fact, there are some sayings that are useful in the identification of poison ivy. One is the well-known 'Leaves of three let it be'. The other, lesser known is Berries of white, run in fright.

Does doubling the angle of incidence cause the angle of refraction to double?

No, doubling the angle of incidence itself will not cause a doubling of the angle of refraction.

If bacteria doubles in a generation How many bacteria will be in the sixth generation?

I'm not completely sure but I think it's like this. Doubling 1 would be 2. Doubling 2 would be 4. Doubling 4 would be 8. Doubling 8 would be 16. Doubling 16 would be 32. Doubling 32 would be 64. (

How does doubling the radius of a cylinder affect the volume?

Doubling the radius quadruples the volume.

When was Doubling Point Light created?

Doubling Point Light was created in 1898.

What is the doubling time for Enterococcus Faecalis?

The doubling time is around 26 minutes.