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On dec. 1 2011.I can't weight either:)

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Q: When is infinity blade 2 coming out?
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Should I just skip infinity blade 1 and just buy infinity blade 2?

Buy infinity blade 2

Is infinity blade on iPod coming out in November?

it's coming out in December 9, 2010

How do you finish infinity blade 2?


Who is a expert on on Infinity Blade 2?

Your mom does

Is there any game like infinity blade?

Blood & Glory is a free rip-off of Infinity Blade (Not as good). Dark Meadow runs on unreal engine 3 and is similar to Infinity Blade. Infinity Blade 2 is obviously the same thing but better in my opinion.

Does the iOS game Infinity Blade have blood?

no it does not i beat infinity blade 1 and 2 and all there is is the energy that comes out of your sword when you stabb them

How much does infinity blade two cost?

The cost of Infinity Blade 2 is currently $6.99

When was Infinity Blade created?

Infinity Blade was created in 2010.

When did Infinity Blade happen?

Infinity Blade happened in 2010.

How do you hack Infinity Blade 2 using a hex editor?


When will infinity blade 2 come out?


When did Infinity Blade II happen?

Infinity Blade II happened in 2011.