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When their fractional parts are equal.

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Q: When is the difference of two decimals equal to a whole number?
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What is the difference of the whole numbers and decimals number?

Whole numbers contain no fractional part as do decimals

What are the difference between comparing whole number and comparing decimals?

There is no difference.

Can the sum of 2 decimals to the thousandths ever equal a whole number?


What does 1.1equal in whole numbers?

A number with decimals (digits after the decimal point) is not equal to ANY whole number. You can round it to the nearest whole number, if you like - that's the closest you can get.

How is multiplying decimals different from multiplying whole numbers?

The difference is that if you multiply with a whole number and then multiply with a decimal and you compare.You will notice the whole number is greater.You are very welcome.

What is a digit with no decimals called?

A number with no decimals is called a whole number, or an integer.

When is the sum of two decimals equal to a whole number?

This will happen if the fractional parts of the numbers sum to 1.

Which number is the whole number for decimals?

It is 10.

Is -6.7 a whole number?

No. A whole number is a number that has no decimals. For example, 7 is a whole number.

Is 3.18 a whole number?

No, 3.18 is not a whole number since it has decimals.

How is multiplying two decimals like multiplying a whole number and a decimal?

There is almost no difference. The only difference is placing the decimal point.

Are numbers with decimals whole number?

No because whole numbers are integers that do not have decimals or fractions attached to them.

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