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its the point of intersection

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Q: When lines pass through the same point?
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Lines that pass through the same point?

these lines are called intersecting lines

How many lines can end in the same point?

I assume you mean that the line goes through a certain point. There is no limit to how many lines you can have through the same point.

Lines on a map that pass through points with the same elevation are called?

Elevation contour lines.

What are the three types of outcomes for linear equations?

All the lines meet at one point: a single solution. All the lines are the same: infinitely many solutions. At least one of the lines does not pass through the point of intersection of the others: no solution.

Three or more lines passing through the same point?


How many lines can cross a point?

An infinite number of lines can be drawn through a single point, but only one through two points (of course, if the points don't have the same coordinates).

Contour lines pass through all points that have the same?

Altitude (height above sea level)

Lines lying on the same point are?

Two or more lines containing the same point are intersecting.

How many planes can pass through a pair of skew lines?

One if the two lines meet, none otherwise. But skew lines do not lie in the same plane, by definition.

What does intersecting mean in math?

crossing Two or more lines passing through the same point.

How many interacting straight line divides the plain 11 parts where no 2 lines are parallel and no 3 lines pass throw the same point?


Can 2 skew lines contain the same point?

No. Two lines can include the same point only if they intersect.

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