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when there is only small amount

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Q: When might an ecologist use indirect observation to estimate a population?
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How can an ecologist ecologist measure population size?

An ecologist can determine the size of a population without counting every organism by either sampling, mark-and-recapture studies, or indirect or direct observation.

What kind of observation is observing animal tracks to estimate polulation size?

This is an example of indirect observation - you are not seeing the animals directly but are viewing evidence of their existence.

When you cannot see what is taking place but other senses indicate occurences?

indirect observation

Observing animal tracks is an example of what observation?

Indirect observation

What is indirect observation?

Indirect observation is a technique in research that utilizes pre-recorded behavior from secondary sources. The researcher must rely on the reported observations of others.

An example of an indirect weather observation system is?


What does indirect observation mean?

The members of a population may be small or hard to find. Indirect observation is when it would be easier to observe what the animals left behind, like a nest or tracks, rather than the organism themselves. Ex: If there are 120 nests in an area, you can find the number of swallows by multiplying 120 by , or 480 swallows.

An example of an indirect observation?

gas gravity air wing

What are made by looking at the result of a behavior or occurrence?

Indirect Observation

Are made by looking at the result of a behavior or occurrence.?

Indirect Observation

What are four ways to determining population size?

Sampling - counting the number of organisms in a small area and multiplying to estimate the number in a larger areaMark & Recapture - capture an organism & release it to remix with population. Then recapture some more in that area to determine population size. Formula is as follows: R (marked recaptures) / C (total in second sample) = M (marked initially) / N (total pop. size)Indirect Observation - estimating the population size by tracks, nest or other animal signs in an ecosystem.Direct Observation - count all members of a population in an ecosystem

How is the study of the earth's interior an example of indirect observation?