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Q: When multiplying exponents in parenthesis?
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When multiplying binomials that turn out negative do you add or subtract exponents?

When multiplying numbers with exponents, you add the exponents.

When multiplying a number with exponents do you add or multiply the exponents?

You add exponents when multiplying. Ex: (xm) × (xn) = xm+n

What you do with the exponents when you you are multiplying?

If you are multiplying numbers with exponents, and the base is the same, you can just add exponents. For example, 104 x 105 = 109.

When multiplying terms with the same base you do what to the exponents?

Sum the exponents.

Where can you use exponents?

exponents can be found in math formulas and wen multiplying the same number. exponents can be found in math formulas and wen multiplying the same number.

How do you solve exponents?

You sole exponents by multiplying the hole number by the exponent.

When you are multiplying exponents do you only add the exponents or do you also multiply the bases?

Add the exponents

How do you do order of operations with square roots and exponents?

PEMDAS: parenthesis exponents multiply divide add subtract prentices

When multiplying number do you add the exponents?

If you are multiplying powers of the same base (like 24 times 211), yes, you add the exponents.

What are the rules adding and subtracting exponents?

When multiplying something with exponents, you add it. When dividing something with exponents, you subtract it.

How do you eliminate the parenthesis in algebra equation?

You can remove parenthesis or bracket by multiplying the number outside, with the number inside the bracket.

Who do you do order of operation?

PEMDAS Parenthesis Exponents Multiplication Division Application Subtraction