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The number is 4.

The formula could be written as 9 + 8/x = 11.

Then you solve for x.

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Q: When nine is added to the quotient of eight and a number the result is eleven?
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What is a quotient and addend?

A quotient is the result of dividing one number by another number. It represents how many times one number can be divided evenly into another number. An addend is one of the numbers being added together in an addition problem. It is a term used to describe a number that is added to another number to get a sum.

What number divides 80 that when the quotient is added to 7 the result is 12?

x/80 + 7 = 12 x/80 = 5 x = 80 x 5 = 400

What is a number that you can added negative eleven and get thirty seven?

Positive 48

Translate If the quotient of a number and 6 is added to twice the number the result it 8 less than the number x equals?


What leaset number should be added to 1057100 so that the result is exactly divisible by 418?

Add 22 to 1,057,100 .The sum is 1,057,122 .That's 418 x 2,529 .

A number is divided by 4 and the quotient is added to 3 the result is 24 what is the number?

Suppose the number is x, then x/4 + 3 = 24 so x/4 = 21 so x = 84

A number is divided by 2 and then the quotient is added to 8 the result is 33 What is the number?

X / 2 + 8 = 33 (original problem) x / 2 = 25 (subtract 8 from both sides) x = 50 (multiply both sides by 2)

If 32 is added to a number the result is 50?

The number is eighteen.

What is a negative number added to a negative number equal?

Two negative numbers added together result in a negative number.

If a number is added to its square the result is 56 Find the number?


What is the smallest number that added that must be added to the number 5621 to make a number that is divisible exactly by 12?

5621/12 =468 quotient ,5 remainder Next possibility increase quotient 469*12 gives 5628 now compare both their difference that is 5628-5621=7 so 7 must be added.

What is the answer to a number is divided by four The result is added to five This result is multiplied by 3 to give 27 What is the number?