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Q: When one actually buys the product rather than just desiring the product called?
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When one actually buys the product rather than just desiring the product?


What is a business that provides a service rather than a product is called?

pues la verdad no tengo ni idea

What is the name given to a product that is known by its trade name not what it does?

A product known by its trade name rather than its generic name is called a brand name product. This is a product that has been given a unique name by the manufacturer to market and distinguish it from other similar products.

Can men use the product meaningful beauty?

Yeah... actually not only women are vain. Sometimes it happen men are more vain on how they look rather than a women.

What is the definition industrial product?

A product for an industry rather than people use Ex. Automobiles

Which of these following is not a manufactured product?

Energy emanating from Sun, Wind and transformed into power is not manufactured product rather conversed/transformed product.

Is lava a climate change?

No. Lava is molten rock on earth's surface. It is a geologic product rather than a product of weather or climate. However, massive outpourings of lava called flood basalts have been known to affect climate.

Why would you chose to go by Dick?

It is a shortened version of Richard and it is probably used by others to refer to someone called Richard rather than by the person who is actually called it, a bit like being called Willy.

What is defined as buying a lower-priced product rather than a more expensive product?

Substitution effect

Does infinity have a limit?

No. That is why it is called "infinity". Infinity is actually not an accepted numerical value in calculus. It is rather a concept. For instance, (infinity) - 1 googleplex = infinity

What is the giant rock in the Northern Territory called?

The giant rock in the Northern Territory is called Uluru, or Ayers Rock, It is the second largest such feature in the world, and is actually an inselberg, rather than a rock.

How does product advertising differ from institutional advertising?

Institutional advertising promotes a company image, rather than a specific brand. It attempts to create goodwill and the desired perception of an entire company, rather than one brand or product. Product advertising is trying to promote and sell a specific brand or product.