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out of fuel?

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Q: When ran on empty why would my car stall?
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What happens if a car ran over your foot but it does not hurt?

if a car ran over your foot would it brake because your foot has bones in it and they are very sneaative?

Why does your fuel needle go from full to empty on a dodge ram 1500?

Because you ran out of gas, same with every car that runs on gas.

How do properly complete the senetence The car skidded and ran into-ran across-ran over or ran through a wall?

If the car was destroyed and the wall is still standing you ran into the wall, if the wall is destroyed then the car ran through it.

What would happen if one ran into an embankment?

If one ran into an embankment they would most likely be hurt. If you hit one with a car, your car would be damaged. If you hit it on a bike you could have serious injuries depending on your speed.

Why does 1989 town car start then immedialty stall It will stay running if the key is turned off and then to on again quickly enough Car has been sitting for a while but ran fine before?

EEC not sensing engine rotation signal shutting off fuel pump power with no fuel pressure engine will stall close to immediately as you are experiencing.

Why does car not start after refueling?

The fuel pump could have been damaged if the fuel tank ran close to empty before refilling. Check the fuel pressure to insure that it is correct.

Why does 1995 escort stall at an idle?

well, i have a 93 and it used to stall out when i would have my foot on the gas a little bit, just kinda coasting. i replaced the mass airflow sensor and my car ran great for a while. now something else is wrong with it but it hasn't stalled since. the sensor cost me like $5 at a junkyard and its ridiculously easy to put on. you should give it a try.

Why wont my truck start after it ran out of gas but gas is in it now?

Have you tried checking the fuel pump. i had a friend burn his out after he ran it empty.

What can ran but cant walk?

A car

What could be wrong with a 1995 Ford Contour that will start but wont stay running it is not the fuel pump or the exhust system?

Sounds crazy, but my 96 would start and then stall and there was no codes, just had a tune-up but the PCV valve had not been changed. Located that and changed it and the car ran fine.

If gas tank is empty for a week would fuel pump fail?

You must remember that (in tank) fuel pumps get lubricated by gasoline. If you run out of gas and keep trying to start the car with no gas in the tank....then the fuel pump is spinning without lubrication. So the pump can lock up. I see that occasionally here at my shop. However, if you put in enough gas to submerse the pump then beat on the gas tank with a baseball bat then the pump will sometimes free up and work again. If your gas tank has been empty for a week but you havent been trying to start the car with no gas in the tank then you will probably be ok. If you ran the car out of gas and kept trying to start it then the car sat for a week, then you may have problems. It all depends on the conditions that caused your empty tank and what you did after you ran the car out of gas.

What are the linking verbs in this sentence He felt foolish when his car ran out of gas?

felt and ran

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bump into or ran into ex:bump into the other car or i ran into telephone pole.

Why would your car die while driving and not start back up?

You ran out of gas. At $4.00 a gallon, I can't blame you.

A 10 year old kid ran into your new car playing in the street What type of damage is this?

This would be collision damage.

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How do you start Isuzu diesel truck after running empty?

I have 2001 Isuzu NPR diesel, I ran empty diesel. Please tell me how I start the engine back? Thanks

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If you get a citation from a traffic cop, the ticket is yours. If the intersection has a camera that catches the vehicle in violation, the owner will get the ticket. It would probably be the person that you borrowed the car from. Because if you ran the red light, the camera or police would always right down the license plate number and would send the ticket to the owner of that car. But becareful Next Time!..:) ~Naomi~

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