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Round down

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Q: When rounding pressure do you round up or down?
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What is rounding in Visual Basic?

Rounding in Visual Basic is the method of rounding an integer up, or flooring an integer, which is rounding down. To round up, you use the System.Math.Round function. To round down, or floor, you use the System.Math.Floor function.

Does 613 round up or down?

As it ends with a 3, if rounding to the nearest 10, it will round down to 610. If you are rounding to the nearest hundred, then the 1 in the tens position will make it round down to 600. If rounding to the nearest 1000, it would round up to 1000, as there is a 6 in the hundreds position. So it depends on what you are rounding to.

Does 4 and up go up when rounding?

No, when rounding, numbers that are less than 5 stay the same. So, if the number 4 is rounded, it remains as 4.

What is Rounding and adjusting?

Students round down or round up and then adjust their estimate depending on how much rounding affected the original values.

How do you round 0.0475 to three decimal places?

You look at 5 and see if its a rounding number if it is you round up to 0.48 if its not a rounding number you round down to 0.47

Do you round up or down 60.33333?

To round to the nearest whole number, round down to 60. To round to the nearest hundred, round up to 100.

When you round a number which digit in the number helps you decide to round up or to round down?

The digit immediately to the right of the one you are rounding to.

When rounding 879 which number helps decide whether to round up or down?

It depends on what you are rounding to. If rounding to the nearest ten, the 9 at the end decides which way to round it, and being a 9, it rounds up. If rounding to the nearest hundred, it was is the 7. If rounding up to the nearest thousand, it is the 8.

Do you round dividing problems how you round additiond problems?

Rounding is always the same, if your rounding. Less than 5 round down, more than or equal to 5, round up.

What is the smallest whole number that will round up or down to 700 when we are rounding to the nearest hundred?

The smallest that will round up is 650. The smallest that will round down is 701.

When you are rounding to the nearest 10 the 5 do you round that up or down?

When rounding a number, if the number you are assessing is 5,6,7,8 or 9 you round up. If it is 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 you round down. For example, 65 rounded to the nearest 10 is 70.

How do you estimate by rounding?

Rounding is when you take a decimal or fraction and make it the closest whole number. If the number you are rounding is five or higher round up and if it's four or below round down. For instance, 7.2 rounds down to 7, 6.8 rounds up to 7.