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Q: When statistics are quoted what words can be deceiving?
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Do statistics need quotation marks in expository essays?

No, but the source(s) for all statistics quoted or used must be given.

What is the past perfect tense of to deceive?

Conjugation of past perfect tense of "to deceive." Singular (I) was deceiving (You) were deceiving (He) was deceiving Plural (We) were deceiving (You) were deceiving (They) were deceiving

Which words mean the same as cheating?

Deceiving, deception, lying, dishonesty, defrauding...

Which does logo include?

Words that give evidence like statistics and facts

How do you spell deceving?

Yes, deceiving is the correct spelling of the word.Some example sentences are:The government is just deceiving you.Why are you deceiving me?

Because the reporter quoted me verbatim I couldn't deny my words.?

exact words

How do you spell deceiving?

The correct spelling is deceiving.Some example questions are:We are deceiving our customers.I do not like deceiving you.

What rhymes with deceiving kids?

...relieve Ingrid's. Ok, a tad strained. But it doesrhyme.Good favor might be the deceiving kids' gain,But only the truth will relieve Ingrid's pain....or 'relieving lids'; 'relieving SIDS'; 'the heaving grids'; 'believe Ingrid's'.

What is quoted in tagalog?

Quoted in Tagalog is - Nakasiping. If you want to learn more Tagolag words then post of my Message board by Cakerus

What does Appearances are deceiving mean?

I think it means that appearences are deceiving are like its a surprise

Adjective words that describes the word mother?

cruel, unjust, dogmatic, unfair, deceiving, slutty............ at least those are the words i'd use to describe my mother

What other words mean stated?

argued, said, quoted,