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Q: When the size of a representative sample increases does the mean range median or standard deviation decrease?
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Is The standard deviation of all possible sample proportions increases as the sample size increases?

The standard deviation would generally decrease because the large the sample size is, the more we know about the population, so we can be more exact in our measurements.

What happens to the confidence interval as the standard deviation of a distribution increases?

The standard deviation is used in the numerator of the margin of error calculation. As the standard deviation increases, the margin of error increases; therefore the confidence interval width increases. So, the confidence interval gets wider.

How are the mean and standard deviation affected by an outlier?

The mean is "pushed" in the direction of the outlier. The standard deviation increases.

Does adding stocks decrease a portfolios standard deviation and risk?

It depends on the standard deviation and risk of the new stock.

As the sample size increases the standard deviation of the sampling distribution increases?


What happens to the standard score as the standard deviation increases?

The absolute value of the standard score becomes smaller.

Does the distribution of sample means have a standard deviation that increases with the sample size?

No, it is not.

Will the standard error decrease if the sample size increases?

it should decrease

What will happen if the difference between scores and the mean decreases?

The variance and the standard deviation will decrease.

Can a standard deviation of a sample be less than a standard deviation of a population?

Sure it can. But in the survey business, the trick is to select your sample carefully so that they'll be equal, i.e. a sample that is accurately representative of the population.

If the standard deviation decreases does the mean decrease?

Not necessarily. The standard deviation measures (in simplified terms) how different the numbers are from each other, while the mean is their average. If the standard deviation decreases, it means the numbers are closer to each other, it doesn't change how big the numbers are.

The precision with which a sample average approximates a population average increases as?

the standard deviation of the sample decreases.