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Q: When two animals line in the same area and depend on the same organism for food they are what?
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When two animals live in the same area and depend on the same organism for food they are?

competing. as simple as that!

Does animals depend on other organisms for food?

Yes. All animals depend on some organism to survive. It can be a rabbit eating grass, a lion eating the rabbit, or a dead cow lying in the middle of the street for any other living organism to eat/get nutrients from it.

How do plants provide energy and nutrients to other organism?

Herbivore animals eat the plants as food and carnivores eat those herbivore animals as food. Therefore, in a way, all animals depend on plants for their energy requirement.

In a food chain why are plants called producers and animals called consumers?

Plants (or at least most plants; there are some exceptions) do not eat any other organism; they create their own food out of water, air, minerals and sunlight. Whereas, all animals have to eat some other organism to survive. Some eat plants and some eat other animals, but every animal eats some kind of organism. So plants produce the food upon which all animals ultimately depend (because even if an animal eats other animals, the animals that it eats depend upon plants).

What animals depend on plants for food shelter and protections?

name two animals that depend on plants for food?

How do animals depend on food?

Animals depend on food for energy, energy gives them the ability to move, grow, and reproduce.

Do animals that eat other animals depend on plants?

Yes. Animals that eat other animals depend on herbivores for food, which in turn depend on plants.

What animals indirectly depend on plants in food chain?

Animals around the area. You could list them all you have to learn for yourself suck in sucker

What do you call the organism that depend on the producer for food?

We call these consumers.

What is heterophic?

Heterotrophs are organisms that cannot make their own food. They have to depend on other plants and animals for nutrition.

Animals depend on plants to make?

Animals such as omnivores depend on plants 2 make food.

What animals are called consumers?

which depend on other animals for their food