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Q: When two expansion cards request the same system resources what can be done to solve the problem?
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Who manages the system resources in C plus plus?

Resources are the responsibility of the operating system (OS). The programmer can request resources from the OS, but must release them to the system as soon as they are no longer required. As such, the programmer must manage the resources required by the program.

What has the author Domhnall T O'Laoghaire written?

Domhnall T. O'Laoghaire has written: 'Optimal expansion of a water resources system' -- subject- s -: Mathematical models, Mathematical optimization, Water resources development

Sample of system request summary?

system request summary of a flowershop

Resource-Request Algorithm for Process?

Let Request i be the request vector for process Pi. If Request [i, j] = k, then process Pi wants k instances of resource type Rj. When a request for resources is made by process Pi, the following actions are taken: 1. If Request i < Need i, go to step 2. Otherwise, raise an error condition, since the process has exceeded its maximum claim. 2. If Request i  Available, go to step 3. Otherwise, Pi must wait, since the resources are not available. 3. Have the system pretend to have allocated the requested resources to process Pj by modifying the state as follows: Available: = Available – Request i; Allocation i := Allocation + Request i; Need i := Need i – Request i; If the resulting Resource-allocation State is safe, the transaction is completed and process Pi is allocated its resources. However, if the new state is unsafe, then Pi must wait for Request i and the old resource-allocation state is restored.

How The size of a process in primary memory is known to the OS?

Processes need to request memory allocation from the operating system. The OS keeps track of these resources as they are used.

What does an IRQ allow interface cards to do?

IRQ or interupt request : An IRQ allows a device to request certain system resources on priority. Normally, the system allowcates the different non-competing IRQ numbers to different devices. The system allocated IRQs may some times be manually changed. However, it may lead to serious IRQ conflicts resulting in a hung operating system.

What are safe and unsafe state of a system dose an unsafe state necesserily read to a deadlock?

A system is in a safe state only if there exists a safe sequence of processes P1, P2, �, Pn where:For each Pi, the resources that Pi can still request can be satisfied by the currently available resources plus the resources help by all Pj, j

When the system prototyping is most useful?

-when user request are not clear -when few user involve in the system -when design are complex and require concrete form -history communication problem between user and analyst

What does an exhaust system expansion box do?

An exhaust system expansion box allows for the cooling of extremely hot air. The hot exhaust is cool in the expansion box before exiting the tailpipe.

What is a problem in a free enterprise system?

Maker economy are free to undertake economic . free to make choices how to use resources to satisfy their needs.

A historian who compares the expansion of political system to the expansion of economic system is organizing history by?

Comparative economic systems is the subfield of economics dealing with the comparative study of different systems of economic organization, such as capitalism, socialism, feudalism and the mixed economy.A historian who compares the expansion of political system to the expansion of economic system is organizing history by theme.

Why should expansion loops be incorporated into a system?

In a pipeline system, expansion loops, which may actually be ahorseshoe or w-shape besides a loop, provide a tolerance for the pipe when it experiences a thermal expansion or contraction.