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The number .5 means half. So, if you take half of something, that is less than the entire thing, right? And half of half is a quarter. Multiplication only makes numbers larger when you multiply numbers that are greater than one. If you multiply by one the number doesn't change. If you multiply by less than one, you make the number smaller.

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Q: When two numbers multiply the result is increases but when you mutiply .5 and.5 the answer get decreases that is .25 how?
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When two numbers multiply the result increases but when multiply half and half the result is quarter that is decreases how with brief explanation?

...but if you multiply a whole number by a half the result decreases. Half of anything is less than that thing!

How do you mutiply factors?

Factors are just numbers. Multiply them the way you would any other number.

What three numbers are the same when you mutiply them?

1, 2 and 3 are the same whether you multiply or add them.

How do you mutiply 3 digit numbers?

you multiply 3 digit numbers by killing yourself and giving away body parts.

What 2 numbers can mutiply to get 42?

These two numbers can multiply to get 42: -8i and 5.25i. Note: i is the square root of negative one. Most calculators will not be able to display this number.

Can even square numbers mutiply into an odd number?

Even square numbers are even, by definition. Two even numbers multiplied together give an even number so no, they cannot multiply to give an odd number. You have to multiply an even number by an odd number to do this.

How do you mutiply a fraction using the volume?

the same way you always multiply fractions. Change mixed numbers into improper fractions, multiply all numerators to get a new numerator, multiply all denominators to get a new denominator, then reduce the fraction.

How do you mutiply decimal numbers?

25.30 *check the number of numbers after the decimal pointx 3.5 *multiply all the numbers from right to left_______ *when you already have the product, apply the 1st12650 instruction then insert the decimal point between the+ 7590 the numbers. (0,2)_______20.240

What 2 numbers mutiply to get 75?

2 divide 75

When you mutiply two numbers what are they called?

Factors. When two numbers are multiplied, the answer is called the product.

What prime numbers mutiply to 52?

The prime factorization of 52 is 22 * 13.

How do you divide whole numbers by fractions?

Mutiply the whole number by the reciprocal of the fraction.

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