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Knock Three Times was created in 1970.

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Q: When was Knock Three Times created?
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When was Knock Three Times - album - created?

Knock Three Times - album - was created in 1971.

How do you beat level 14 on 40x escape?

Click on the door 3 times (knock knock knock).

How do you win on dream boxing Mario and sonic?

You need to knock out your opponent or knock them down three times.

What is knock knock knock penny knock knock knock penny from?

The Big Bang Theory. It is Sheldon's method of knocking on Penny's door, he knocks three times, shouts PENNY, then repeats twice.

What are the release dates for Gimme a Break - 1981 Knock Three Times 3-15?

Gimme a Break - 1981 Knock Three Times 3-15 was released on: USA: 2 February 1984

What can you do that begins with K?

Kiss Kick ass Knock three times on the ceiling

When was Knock Knock - song - created?

Knock Knock - song - was created in 2003-09.

When was Knock Knock - album - created?

Knock Knock - album - was created on 1999-01-12.

When was Po Mo Knock Knock created?

Po Mo Knock Knock was created in 1999.

When was The Knock created?

The Knock was created in 1994.

When was Three Times created?

Three Times was created on 2005-05-20.

When was Three Times a Lady created?

Three Times a Lady was created in 1978.