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Less Than Pure was created in 2002.

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Q: When was Less Than Pure created?
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Is impure ice less dense than pure ice?

yes it is less dense than pure ice and this is a fact

Is alcohol a pure substance?

Alcohol can be a pure substance, but more often than not, it has some water in it, making it less than pure.

Does a solution with a hydrogen ion concentration less than pure water have a pH greater or less than 7?

less than 7

How does the elasticity of the monopolistic competitor's demand curve compare to that of a pure competitor or a pure monopolist?

A monopolistic competitor's demand curve is less elastic than apure competitor's which is less elastic than a pure monopolist's.

When was Less Than Jake created?

Less Than Jake was created in 1992.

When was Less Than the Dust created?

Less Than the Dust was created in 1916.

When was Less than Angels created?

Less than Angels was created in 1955.

What happens to the pH of pure water as you add acid?

Pure water has a pH close to 7. When you add an acid (solution with a pH less than 7) to pure water, the pH will become less than 7.

When was Less Than Hero created?

Less Than Hero was created on 2003-03-02.

When was Nothing Less Than Brilliant created?

Nothing Less Than Brilliant was created in 1994.

When was No Less Than Victory created?

No Less Than Victory was created on 2009-11-03.

When was Less Than an Hour created?

Less Than an Hour was created on 2007-09-25.

When was Less Than Kind created?

Less Than Kind was created on 2008-10-13.

Why is the freezing point of salt water less than that of pure water?

Pure water has less molecules in it. The salt molecules make the freezing point in salt water lower than plain water.

How do the densities of pure substances differ from the densities of mixtures?

There's no correlation between the composition of a substance and its density. Pure ethanol is less dense than potato-leek soup, but pure mercury is more dense. Potato-leek soup is less dense than pure mercury, but concrete is more dense.

Is a boiling point of a solution higher than that of the pure solvent?

A non- (or less) volatile solute gives a solution of it a higher boilingpoint than the pure solvent.

When was Less Than Zero - album - created?

Less Than Zero - album - was created in 2005.

What is low specific gravity?

It represents a density which is less than that of pure water.

Is alchohol denser than rubbing alchohol?

Pure ethanol is less dense.

When was Myself Is Less Than Letting Go created?

Myself Is Less Than Letting Go was created on 2010-05-18.

When was Less Than Human - novel - created?

Less Than Human - novel - was created on 2004-10-01.

When was Less Than Zero - song - created?

Less Than Zero - song - was created on 1977-03-25.

Why is pure alcohol more dangerous than adulterated alcohol?

Pure alcohol is far more dangerous than adulterated alcohol because pure alcohol has one hundred percent alcohol in comparison to aldulterated alcohol which is less than 100 percent.

The strong acid hydrogen fluoride can be dissolved in pure water will the pH of the solution be greater or less than 7?

The pH of the solution will be less than seven, because all acids have a pH less than seven.

Does Duralumin conduct heat?

Its heat and electrical conductivity are less than that of pure aluminium but much more than that of steel.