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Q: When was the mathematical system of perspective used again?
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The mathematical system of perspective was not used for almost 1000 years after the fall of Rome When did artists start to use it again?

During the Renaissance.

What major contribution did the ancient Greeks make to art?

They developed the first mathematical system of painting perspective

Who used numerals?

The Romans used a mathematical system based on numerals.

What is a dependent system?

A dependent system is defined as "a system of equations that has infinite solutions." It is an equation that is used in various mathematical situations.

What is system dependability?

A dependent system is defined as "a system of equations that has infinite solutions." It is an equation that is used in various mathematical situations.

What was the Indian system of mathematical notation used in 2 scientific revolutions?

Arabic numrrals

What is the decimal system used for?

Everyday mathematical calculations are all done in the decimal system.Ex: $5 + $6 = $11. The answer would be B in the hexadecimal system.

What are variables used for in math?

Variables may be used for a number of different purposes. They may be used to generalise mathematical statements or to model a system of equations to solve.

Why was the perspective ignored during the dark and middle ages?

Perspective was not ignored, exactly. It was different; it was just not linear perspective. There are a number of different types of perspective, and linear perspective is just one of them. One type of perspective, though not used much in Europe, makes understanding the difference easy; it is called aerial or atmospheric perspective. The Chinese used this often to separate the foreground, perhaps figures of travellers on a road walking by a tree, from the background, mountains in the distance. They are separated by a mist or haze which makes the distance apparent. The problem with linear perspective is that it required a mathematical type of discipline and training that medieval people were not prepared for. So it was lost for some centuries. Medieval artists used approximations of linear perspective, in which the treatment of perspective is unsystematic. The result was that object appeared warped, though there was a clear attempt to make them take on the appearance of distance or foreshortened. Medieval artists also sometimes used reverse perspective, a system in which objects appeared larger, rather than smaller, if they were more distant. Sometimes they used systems in which more important objects or people appeared larger than less important. The recovery of linear perspective required a systematic approach to the subject and a specific, disciplined study of it. This happened in the Late Middle Ages. There are links below.

What is the mathematical system used to express analyze and design digital circuits?

Boolean algebra.

What does axiom means?

An axiom is a basic mathematical truth used in proofs, outlined initially by Euclid. Axioms are self-evident and do not need to be proven, they can be combined and used logically to prove more complex mathematical concepts, especially in geometry. Example: "The shortest distance between two points is a straight line."

How do you use the word metric in a sentence?

We learned the metric system in math today.