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Bionic eye lens will probably come out in 9-10 years, scientists are still developing them; it takes loads of work making one.

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Q: When will the bionic contact lens come out?
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What is the difference between bionic lens and bionic eye?

A bionic lens helps you see, but a bionic eye is a new eye that can help you see even though it's not your eye.

What are bionic contact lens uses?

At present their use is limited to fictional stories. Work on 'bionic' implants, of various kinds, is in its infancy buy has nothing to do with the fictional stories you may read or watch.

Can you wear contact lens while swimming?

no, they will come out.

What is a bionic lens?

you can see very well better then every one else

What are lens part of?

Lens is part of contact.

If you wear a prosthetic or fake eye can you pop it in and out like a contact lens?

I have a prosthetic eye. It's like a contact lens, and it goes in similar to a contact lens

When was first contact lens?

the first contact lens ever made was made out of glass.

Is it true that you cannot use contact lens if you have astigmatism?

no that is not true my mother has astigmatism and she has contact lens'.

What part of the eye is similar to a contact lenses?

The part of the eye that is similar to a contact lens is the crystalline lens.

Where can one go to have contact lens implants?

One can go to Optimax for treatment for contact lens implants. This is for the severe levels of short sight and long sight. It replaces the natural eye lens with contact lens. Optimax does a great treatment.

What attributes make Acuvue lens a leader in the contact lens field?

Acuvue lens is a leader in the contact lens field because each individual lens is designed artistically and with topnotch craftsmanship. Acuvue lenses also last longer than the leading brands in contact lenses.

Are contact lens seductive?