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To prove that two right triangles are similar, all you need to show is that one of

them has one acute angle that's equal to one acute angle of the other one.

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Q: When will two right triangles be similar?
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Are two isosceles right triangles always similar?


How can two triangles be proven similar?

congruent sides and right angles, etc

Two equilateral triangles are sometimes similar?

Two equilateral triangles are always similar!

What do you call two triangles with proportional sides?

They are said to be similar but not congruent triangles.

Are two obtuse triangles always similar?

Not always, sometimes two obtuse triangles are similar and sometimes they are not similar.

Can you always cut a right triangle into two congruent triangles?

Similar, YES. Congruent, NO.

Are all right-angled triangles congruent?

No.Examples:The right angled triangles {3, 4, 5} & {6, 8, 10} are similar;The right angled triangles {3, 4, 5} & {5, 12, 13} are just two right angled triangles.

How do you display two right triangles in java?

two right triangles

Is it possible for two triangles to have two pairs of sides that are proportional without the triangles being similar?

Yes. You can even have two triangles with two pairs of sides that are the SAME measure without the triangles being similar.

Can bisector of angle divide the triangle into similar triangle?

Given certain triangles, it would be possible for an angle to be bisected and create two new triangles which are similar to each other. And in the case of a [45°, 45°, 90°] right triangle, if you bisect the right angle, then you will create two new [45°, 45°, 90°] triangles (both similar to each other and similar to the original).

How you can prove that the angles of two triangles are equal?

If the angles of two triangles are equal the triangles are similar. AAA If you have three angles on both triangles these must be equal for the triangles to be similar. SAS If you have an angle between two sides and the length of the sides and the angle are the same on both triangles, then the triangles are similar. And SSS If you know the three sides

Two right triangles are similar if the acute angles of one triangle are congruent to the acute angles of the other triangle?

yes there similar