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It is very important for lots of jobs, like investments or for bookmakers setting the odds for bets. Statisticians use it. Lots of areas that are not an exact science for predicting things could use it, such as weather forecasting. Scientific experiments would use it, when planning how to do an experiment and doing analysis of results. These are just a few examples, but it would come into many other jobs too, and in day to day life. Any time the word "probably" is used, there can be an element of probability in what you are talking about. You use that in job situations and simpler things.

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Q: When would we ever use probability on a job?
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How do medical records and health information technicians use probability in their job?

Medical records and health information technicians use probability in their jobs when calculating the number of charts to audit.

How would you use probability?

To help you find out the odds of an answer.

What occupations would use theoretical probability?


How do Mathematicians use probability in everyday life?

Some of the mathematicians teach in everyday life or they either just do their job.

When would you use probability in everyday life?

Weather people use probability to predict weather in the future based on passed recent weather and by clouds and winds

Why do you not need to use three coins to figure out the probability of how many tails?

The greater the number of coins used, the closer your experimental probability will be to the true value. However, you may never ever get the precise probability - even if you toss a trillion coins!

How might a person use probability in his or her job?

There are a lot of ways a person can use probability in his/her job. For example, People who bet on horse races use the odds and their knowledge to determine which horse will have the best chance of win,place,show Another example are poker players, quite often, you will see a percentage in the corner of your screen if you watch poker on TV

What is the probability of finding a job by using a job search.?

The probability of findinf a job by using a job search is pretty high, especially if you use a more well known job search engine, such as Monster, or Career Builder. I personally know several people who have attained jobs using Career Builder, one of these persons being my mother. These websites let you upload a resume and maintain an account with them to make things easier for you as well.

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That depends on how many dice you use. For example, if you use a single die, the probability is 100%.

What jobs use probability and how do they use it?

every sector that wants to exploit the ignorant mass, (ab-)uses probability

What is a card game that involves probability?

Snap, bridge games use probability.