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The answer is negative

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Q: When you add a negative plus a negative the answer is?
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What is negtive five plus four plus negtive six?

First, add negative 5 and four. That answer is negative 1. Then add negative six, which is -7.

What is the answer to negative plus a negative?

-n+-n=-2n so -1+-1=-2. In simple terms a negative plus a negative eqauls a negative. You can just add the numbers as if they are positive and then add a negative sign to the answer.

Do you subtract when its a negative plus a positive?

No, you add the positive to the negative.

What is negative three plus negative five?

it negative eight just add normally and add negative

What is -4 plus -3 plus -8 plus 3 plus 9?

First add all the negative numbers. It -4+-3+-8 is -15. Now 3+9=12So we need to as 12 to -15 which is the same as 12-15 or -3.When you add negative numbers you can just add them like positives then place the negative sign in front of you answer. Adding a positive and a negative is like subtracting the negative one from the positive one. That is what I did.

What is negative 40 plus negative 50?

-90 (when you add a negative you simply subtract so -40-50 is -90)

Does a negative plus a positive a negative?

Actually it doesn't. Add two positive numbers, and you always get a positive result.

What is 24 plus a negative 8?

Well you subtract -8 by 24 and get 16. You dont add because It is a negative #.

What is 10 plus negative 9?

When you add -9 and +10, you get (+) 1.

Explain in your own words how we add numbers with different signs?

Positive plus positive equals positive. Negative plus negative equals negative. Positive greater than negative equals positive. Negative greater than positive equals negative.

What is negative 3 plus negative 8?

Since both numbers have the same sign, you add them. -11 (negative 11) is the answer.

Why does a negative plus a negative equal a negative?

A negative plus a negative equals a negative because the operation you're doing is equivalent to subtraction. If you wrote down a sum "negative 3 plus negative 7" it would look like this: -3+-7 which is the same as -3-7 Whenever you add a negative number you are actually taking more away, and this is why a negative plus a negative equals a negative - You start with a negative number, and are taking even more away, so you will only ever end up with a negative number.