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Yes, you do that first.

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Q: When you are doing a math problem do you do what is in the parentheses?
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Do You add after doing parentheses when simplifying a math problem?

removing the parentheses in a math problem

In a math problem what is parenthesis?

Parentheses is when you are doing an equation, and you solve the problem.

What the mnemonic for doing parentheses in math problem?

I've heard PEMDAS as Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally, but all you have to remember is that parentheses are first.

Is any math problem with parentheses associative property?

No some do not undertake that rule!! Your welcome ANONYMOUS

Do you know what MATH RULES is?

Math rules depend on what kins of problem you are doing.

How do you work out the difference maths problem?

by doing math

How do parentheses and brackets work in math problems?

Parentheses and brackets work the same in math as they do in writing -- use them to group ideas.

Where do you put parentheses in this math problem 7 9times3-1 equals 25?

7 + 9*(3-1) = 25

What are the grouping symbol for math?

Brackets or parentheses.

What does gain mean in a math problem?

Gain means to subtract in a math problem because if you were doing a math problem and it said to gain (loose) 9-8=1 so that would be your answer

Why do you need to insert parentheses in math number model sentences?

You have to insert parentheses in math number sentences because they are first in the order of operation: Parentheses Exponents Multiply Divide Add Subtract

What is the answer to this math problem 7x2-3-x2?

Add some parenthesees and then I could figure it out. Add some parentheses and then I could figure it out.

Please explain inserting parentheses to make math sentence true.?

use parentheses when u do a opperation. Parentheses have to do 1st no matter what

What does Parentheses mean in math terms?

Parentheses are brackets which are rounded kind. Like the one below: ( ..... )

What comes first in math order of operations?


What is an estimated math answer?

An estimated math answer is one that is guessed based on what you know without actually doing the problem.

PEMDAS is what?

The order of steps you take in a math problem Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction For Example: (2x3)+20-2x5, if you follow pemdas the answer is:16

How are brackets and parentheses alike?

they are both grouping symbols in math

What are grouping symbols as in math terms?

Parentheses ( ), brackets [ ], and braces { }

Is doing math problem in your head work?

No ,doing math in your head is called mental math ;which is only used if you were to be skip counting or any other thing's hopefully i answered it pretty good.

In an order of operations problem if there is a parentheses do the order of operations rules apply in the parentheses?


How do you use the word Revelation in a sentence?

"He had a revelation of the math problem he was doing",said Bob.

How do you do math simulation problems?

Just answer the problem by actually picking numbers from the solution and doing it.

What do you do when using the distributive property in a math problem?

Its quiet simple. All you have to know is that when you use the distributive property in math, it's most likely and equation. So you basically remove the parentheses. AKA(expanding the equation)

What is 42 x 54 equal?

* this math problem should not be here but ill answer it anyway the aswer to this math problem is 2268 you should look at a caculator its faster than doing .