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Q: When you are graphing can the lines cross?
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What are graphing method?

graphing method is when you graph two lines and then find the intersection which is the answer of the system of equations

What are books that have grid lines?

Books that have grid lines are called Graphing Books .

What are number lines used for?

Plotting points. Graphing lines, line segments, rays, etc.

What is graphing paper used for?

Graphing paper is writing paper which is printed with fine lines making a grid. The lines are used for plotting mathematical functions of experimental data and also drawing diagrams.

How perpendicular lines and parallel lines alike?

Well, they are used for graphing information on graphs and are used on maps.

What are real world examples of coplanar lines?

lines on a notebook, grids on graphing paper, and the hands of a clock

How is graphing a linear inequality the same as graphing a liner equation?

They are alike in that you graph the lines in the same way, but they are different because you have to shade in one side of the line

Do intersecting lines ever cross?

Intersecting lines are two lines that cross in a coordinate plane. So, yes, intersecting lines cross.

How do you solve 2x plus y equals 0 and x-y equals 6 graphing?

By graphing the lines on the coordinated plane they will intersect at (2, -4) which is the solution of the equations

What are lines that cross called?

Lines that cross each other are called intersecting lines.

How is perpendicular lines similar to intersecting lines?

Perpendicular lines are lines that cross at right angles. Intersecting lines can cross at any angle.

What are straight lines that never cross called?

Straight lines that never cross are called parallel lines.