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sevened grade unless you get held back

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Q: When you are in six grade do you have to stay in six grade or in seven grade?
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About how many hours of homework do you have in grade 7?

I have approximatley three hours a night on shcool nights and six-seven on weekends. I'm guessing you are in grade six, but don't worry, I have that much because I'm in private school.

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If a child is 6 years old what grade is the child in?

Normally 1st grade. But if they got held back then kindergarten. It actually depends on what school district you are in. Most schools have kindergarteners at the age of four to five, first graders at the age of five to six, and second graders at the age of six to seven. So it's safe to assume any six-year-old is in the first or second grade.

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Grade 6 is like a jungle

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Stay in 5th grade for another year.