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Sometimes, but not always.

For example:

8/4 = 2 is an even number, but

12/4 = 3 is an odd number.

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Q: When you divide an even number by an even number is the answer an odd number?
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Related questions

What is opposite of odd numbers?

The opposite of odd is even. If you divide a even or odd number with odd, you will still get a fraction, or a romander.

Is the number 345 odd or even?

345 is an odd number. This is because odd numbers don't divide by 2 exactly, but even numbers do divide by 2 exactly. 345 divided by 2 is 172.5 which is not a whole number. Therefore 345 is an odd number.

How do you write an odd number with even numbers?

If you add, subtract, or multiply two even numbers, you will get an even number. If you divide an even number by another even number, you may get an even number, an odd number, or even a fraction.

Is 87 a even or odd number?

87 is an odd number. Since 87 / 2 = 43.5, not a whole number, it is odd. If it were even, you would be able to evenly divide it by two.

Why is 0 a even number. When is it's a odd?

0 is a number to divide the positives and the negitives. Then it will be an even in this timeline. -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 Because it goes even odd even odd even. If zero was not there, then it would go even odd odd even.

Is 4541 odd or even?

Since 4541 does not divide evenly into two, it is an odd number.

Why is the number 5 odd but the number 10 is even?

It is even because you can divide 10 by 2

When you divide and even number by 2 is the answer ever odd?

Yes for example 26/2 = 13 which is an odd number

How do you draw a Flowchart to find whether the given number is odd or even using counter?

first we write start and then read number and after that check the number is totaly divide by 2 or not if number is totally divide by 2 then number is even else number is odd.

What is the difference between and even number and odd number?

If you divide an even number by two the result will be a whole number, e.g. 8 ÷ 2 = 4 . If you divide an odd number by two the result will be a floating point number, e.g. 9 ÷ 2 = 4.5

How do you divide fifteencoins into six box such that each box contains odd no of coins?

If you have six boxes, with an odd number of coins in each box, in total you would have an EVEN number of coins. Therefore, this isn't possible. (odd + odd = even, odd + odd + odd = odd, etc. - if you add an even set of odd numbers, the total will always be even.)

Is 50 odd?

No. All number ending with 0,2,4,6,8 is even and numbers with 1,3,5,7,9 endings are odd. Since 50 has an ending of 0, it is even. Another way to find whether or not a number is even or odd, you just have to divide that number by 2. If the answer is a whole number, it is even.

How do even and odd numbers work?

Not sure what you mean with "work"; an even number is a number that is divisible by 2, that is, if you divide it by 2, you get no remainder. An odd number, if divided by 2, has a remainder of 1.

Is 850 even or odd?

Even. If you can divide the number by two and the result is a whole number, then it is even. 850 divided by 2 = 425.

Well you get a number say 16 divide it by 3 if the answer is an even number then that is the rule?


Is 753 142 or 986425 even?

I think you are talking about three numbers 743, 142, and 986425. If the least significant digit in a number is odd, the number is odd. If the least significant digit in a number is even, the number is even. You can also divide the number by 2 and if two goes into the number evenly without a remainder then the number is even. If there is a remainder, the number is odd.

How do you decide when a number is even or odd?

It is even if it is a multiple of 2 Or it will divide by 2 with no remainder

Why is 125 a odd number?

* "Even" means that if you divide a number by 2, you get a remainder of zero. * "Odd" means that if you divide a number by 2, you get a remainder of one. Try doing the division and see what remainder you get. To quickly determine whether a number (written in decimal) is even or odd: * If the last digit is even (0, 2, 4, 6, or 8), the whole number is also even. * Similarly, if the last digit is odd (1, 3, 5, 7, or 9), the whole number is also odd.

Is 247 an even number?

Divide 247 by 2, if you get a zero remainder then 247 is an even number, otherwise it is an odd number, try it. Good luck!

Why do odd numbers can go into even numbers but even numbers don't go into odd numbers?

All even numbers have 2 as a factor - that is in their definition No odd numbers have 2 as a factor - that is in theirs. Trying to divide 2, or any multiple of it, into a number that by definition cannot be divided by 2, is a hopeless endeavour. There is no guarantee that you can divide an even number by an odd one, but it is not impossible.

If you divide a negative number by a negative number will you get a positive number?

You will end up with a positive number. With integers, if you multiply or divide an even amount of negative numbers, the answer will be positive and if you multiply or divide an odd amount, the answer will be negative.

Is 97 an even or odd number?

97 is an odd number. The reason it's an odd number because when you divide it by 2 there is a remainder of 1. For example 97 / 2 = 48 and a remainder of 1.

Is 75 an even number?

75 ends (least significant digit) in 5 which is an odd number, hence the entire number 75 is odd. Also if you divide 75 by 2 you get a quotient of 37 and a remainder of 1. When a number is divided by 2 and you do not get a remainder of 0, the number is odd, otherwise it is even.

Is the gcf of an odd and even number always even?

No. The opposite is true: the gcf of an odd number and an even number is always odd. All the factors of an odd number are odd; or to put it another way: If a number has an even factor, the number itself must be even. Thus the only common factors between odd and even numbers must be odd.

Why is and odd number minus an even number odd?

Because the second number from an odd number is odd, and every other number is an odd number. In fact, if you add or subtract an even number with any number, the result keeps the same parity as the other number. So an odd number minus an even number is odd, while an even number minus and even number is even.