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Their quotient.

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Q: When you divide two number you get?
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What is it called when you multiply or divide two quantities by the same number?

Scaling is when you multiply or divide two quantities by the same number.

What is the number pattern 68 34 17 22 11 16 8?

Divide by two, divide by two, add five, divide by two

What happens when you divide by two?

you get a smaller number!

When you are dividing a one digit number by a three digit number do you divide the last number alone or do you divide the whole number now?

No You Divide All The 3 numbers by the two and do the math and that's your answer.

Is 374 a even number?

Yes. If you can divide a number by two, then it is even. ;)

What do you do when you have to multiply or divide two quantities by the same number?

You multiply or divide the first quantity by the number and then you do the same for the other quantity.

Is 874 a prime number?

No, because you can divide it by two.

How do you find half of a number?

All you have to do is divide by two

What is the largest number that will divide into two numbers?

Infinity: ∞

How can you tell if a number is divisible by eight?

* Call this number a. Divide it by two; the result is b. * Divide b by two as well; the result is c. * Divide c by two, the third time; the result is d. * If any of a, b or c are odd, the number cannot be divided by 8; if you obtain the number d, then that is a/8.

How do you calculate 5 percent of a number?

The easiest way is to divide by 10 then divide again by two.

How do you divide one bedroom into two?

Depends on the room size then divide that number by two. You will see how many square inches you each can have!(: