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The general idea is to quickly get an approximate answer - in a way that you can do much of the calculations, or all of them, in your head.

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Q: When you estimate why do you round to the closest number then you multiply?
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How do you estimate a math problem?

To estimate, you round the number to the nearest 10 and add, subtract, divide, or multiply. If the number is a decimal (ex. 12.132), you would round it to 12, and then round that to 10.

What number is closest to 1437 which is divisible by 12?

I suggest you divide 1437 / 12, round the result to the nearest integer, then multiply by 12 again.

83x29 closest estimate 2400 because?

83x29 is estimated to 2410 if you round it up.

What is the closest number to 57.92?

58 if your trying to round up.

How do you round 1.283 to the nearest whole number?

The number 1 is the closest whole number to 1.283.

How do you estimate by rounding?

Rounding is when you take a decimal or fraction and make it the closest whole number. If the number you are rounding is five or higher round up and if it's four or below round down. For instance, 7.2 rounds down to 7, 6.8 rounds up to 7.

When you round both factors to a greater number how will your estimate compare with the exact number?

Your estimate will be greater than the exact number.

How do you round 38.05837 to the nearest whole number?

You look at the number on the right closest to the decimal and if it is 5 or greater round up and if it is 4 or lower round down. In this case, 38 is the answer.

What does 20.95 percent round to the nearest or closest whole number in math?

21 ^^

What does estimate each difference mean?

Estimate each difference means to estimate the numbers that they give you estimate means round to the nearest 10 like if 24 and you have to round it it will be 20 if the number is 25 which is in the middle than it will be the number upper which is 30

What whole number is closest to value of pi?

3 because you round 3.14 down. :)

What is the whole number of 1.3?

You can not have a whole number of the decimal, unless you want to round the number to the closest whole number, in which case would be 1.