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When you have two negatives, you add the magnitudes, but since, you have both negatives, the direction of the resultant magnitude is along the negative direction, so you add the magnitude and put the negative sign.

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Q: When you have two negatives do you add or subtract?
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Do you add or subtract when you have two negatives?

two negatives makes a positive, meaning you add. i.e. 2 - -2 = 2+2 = 4

When you have 2 negatives do you add or subtract?


Why two negatives is a positive?

I feel that two negatives are positive because you add* your two negative integers* together, you would be doing this: -+- (negative + negative) so the response is, is that if two integers where both negative, you would add, just like if there were two positives, you would add, but not if you have different signs. (positive+negative) you would subtract. Just as the same with negative + positive. [REVIEW: if the sign is the same, add, if the sign is different, you subtract.] *=you may not always add *=integers- a fancy word for numbers.

Do two negatives make a positive when you subtract?


When having a negative and a positive sign do you add or subtract?

If two negaitve signs occur next to each other in an equation, as in 4 -(-2) then the two negatives becomes a positive and you add the two to get 6. Otherwise, you just do what the equation states: -5 + 3 you add; =-2. -5 - 3 you subtract; = -8

How do you subtract two negative numbers?

2 negatives make a positive

If you add two negatives do you get a positive?


How do you know whether you should add or subtract the value of the two numbers?

By the signs: 2+2(Add) 2-2(Subtract) +=add -=subtract

What do you get when you subtract negatives with positives?

you got none

Why do 2 negatives equal a positive?

On the number line if you subtract a positive you move left. If you add a positive you move right. If add a negative you move left. If you subtract a negative you move right. That is just how I learned it. I don't know a wordy explanation.

How do you add two fractions that have like denominators?

In fractions, you can NEVER add or subtract

What two numbers add up to 19-and-subtract-into-1?


Does decrease mean to add or subtract?


What happens when you add and subtract energy?

How do you add or subtract energy?

Give the other two versions of Sichuan?

add and subtract

When you add two numbers you get a sum When you subtract two numbers what do you get?

When you subtract one number from another you get the difference.You just said it; sum.

How do you work out positives and negatives on mathes?

+ add + = - - Add - = + + add - = -

When you subtract two negatives what do you get back?

A double minus becomes a plus as for example -2--5 = 3 but -2-5 = -7

How do you add and subtract like denominator?

You add or subtract only the numerators

What are the rules of adding negatives and positives?

same signs add and keep, opposite signs subtract take the sign of the larger number, and then you'll be exsact!!! Hope I helped!!! :)

What do two negatives equal two?

When combining (adding) two negatives you get a negative. When multiplying two negatives you will get a positive.

When it says how much add or subtract?

it means to subtract

What do you have to add to subtract a rational number?

You have to add the additive inverse. To subtract q, you add -q.

When you subtract a negative integer from another integer is the difference greater than or less than the original?

To subtract a negative number is equivalent to adding a positive number. Two negatives multiplied make a positive.

What two numbers add to get 8 and subtract to get 20?