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No, the mass and volume stay the same but the shape changes. Changes in state never change it's mass but if it changes to gas, the volume is unmeasurable.

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Q: When you heat a cool substance does the mass or volume change?
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How can density be altered?

Heat or cool the substance will change it's physical state.

What three properties of a substance affect the amount of energy transferred as heat to or from the substance?

volume,temperature change,specific heatcapacity

Is density the measure of how much heat there is in a volume of a substance?

density is a measure of how much heat there is in a volume of a substance. ture or false?

When you cool something down is the mass or the volume changing?

Cooling something down does not generally change its mass, and may or may not change its volume. Cooling a gas will change the volume (if the pressure remains the same). When you cool something down, you most directly change its heat energy.

Is density a measure of how much heat there is in a volume of a substance?

No. Density describes the amount of mass in a volume of a substance.

What happens to the volume when heat is added?

When a substance is heated it's volume will increase.

How does the specific heat of a substance related to temperature change?

A substance with a high specific heat will easily change temperature.

Why is specific heat capacity important?

Specific heat capacity (C) is important because it determines how quickly a substance will heat up or cool down. It is the quantity of heat that is required to change the temperature of 1 kilogram of a substance by 1 degrees Celsius. The smaller the specific heat capacity of a substance, the quicker the substance heats up or cools down.

Is density a measure of how much heat here is in a volume of a substance?


Sensible heat involves a change in a substance's?

Sensible heat refers to the heat that is exchanged by a body or thermodynamic system. It involves a change in a substance's temperature.

Is heat conductivity a physical or chemical change?

The heat conductivity of a substance does not involve changes to its chemistry. Heat conductivity is a physical change and characteristic to a substance.

How do you define latent heat?

Latent heat is the amount of heat released or absorbed when a substance undergoes a change of state. The amount of heat does not include any change in the temperature of the substance.

What do you call heat that is added or removed from a substance but does not change the state of the substance sensible heat latent heat super heat or radiation heat?

Latent Heat.

What is the effect of temperature change to the amount of heat content of the substance?

The effect of temperature change to the amount of heat content of the substance is called heat transfer. As heat increases, the temperature decreases.

Does specific heat depends upon volume?

No it does not, specific heat depends upon the substance, not the amount of it.

What is an increase in volume that occurs when heat is added to a substance called?


Heat that causes a substance to change form is called?

latent heat

Can a liquid change volume?

Yes, when you heat it.

Can gas turn into liquid?

Almost al gasses can change to liquids bij cooling or putting it under preasure.Yes gas can change into liquid and liquid can change into gas. A gas is a substance that has no definite volume or independent shape that that tends to expand indefinitely. Gases are compressible. A liquid is a substance that flows freely and has a definite volume but has no independent shape. Liquids are slightly compressible. Change of state is the process that occurs when enough heat is added or removed to change a substance from one physical state to another.Sure, it's called condensation. It'll happen if you cool the gas.

What is a transfer of heat from a warm substance to a cool substance?

Diffusion id the transfer of energy (heat) from an area of high concentration (warm substance) to an area of low concentration (cold)

Density is a measure of how much heat there is in a volume of a substance true or false?

False. Density is a measure of how much mass is contained in a given volume of a substance.

How can you change the volume of a liquid?

- by the variation of the temperature- by the variation of the pressure

What does a high specific heat tell about a substance?

A high specific heat tells you that it is hard to change the temperature of a substance.

Define latent heat of fusion and latent heat of vapourisation?

Latent heat of fusion is the heat energy required to convert the substance from its solid form to its liquid form without change in temperature while latent heat of vaporisation of a substance is the quantity of heat required to change the substance from liquid to vapour without change in temperature

Why does the volume heat up a substance?

it doesn't it raises the average energy a particle has. that's temperature not heat.