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Centimeters would be the best.

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Q: When you measure the length of a mouse's tail which metric unit do you use?
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Which metric would scientist use to measure the length of a mouse's tail?


What metric unit would you use to measure the length of a dog's tail?


What are a mouses adaptations?

fur, claws, and a tail,

Is a mouses tail longer then its body?


How do you measure the health rating of a restaurant?

measure the length of the rats tail that was in the kitchen

How big is a mouses tail?

A mouse's tail is about 2 inches long or about 5cm.

Do mouses breathe out of there tail?

No. They have a nose and mouth just as we do.

What has a mouses ears a rabbits feet and a squirrels tail?

a chinchilla!

How do you measure the length of malaysian giant prawn?

The typical way to measure the length of any shrimp or prawn is to measure from the tip of its 'beak' (called a ROSTRUM) to the tip of its tail (called a TELSON).

Are hamsters similar to mouses?

A hamster is larger than a mouse and has a shorter tail.

Are mouses tail long?

NO why would you ask that. Just watch the history channel.

How do you measure length of a cat?

use a tapemeasure and start at the nose and go to the tip of it's tail for it's full length

How do you measure length of bearded dragon?

Do what I do with my snakes - use a piece of string to get the approximate length from nose to tail - then lay the string on a ruler to get the measurement.

Does the numbat have a long bushy tail often carry erect?

Yes, the numbat does have a long bushy tail. The tail measure about the same length as the body of the numbat. They are known to carry their tail in an erect position at times.

What is the tail length of a Giant panda?

The length of a Giant pandas tail is 10 to 15 CM.

How many cm are cheetahs?

The cheetahs total body length is from 115 to135 cm (45 to 53 in), while the tail can measure up to 84 cm (33 in) in length.

What is the length of the Bengal tiger?

A really big male can measure over ten feet long, including the three foot tail.

What is the length of a cats tail?

The length of the tail or even the cat depends on the type of cat. Body length from 20 to 46 cm. Tail averages 25 to 38 cm long.

What is the average length of a cats tail?

The length of the tail or even the cat depends on the type of cat. Body length from 20 to 46 cm. Tail averages 25 to 38 cm long.

A kite and its tail total 32 feet in length. The tail is 18 feet longer than the length of the kite's body. How long is the kite's tail?

We've got the following: x - length of kite's body x + 18 - length of kite's tail x + x + 18 = 32 -> total length of kite plus its tail 2x + 18 = 32 2x = 14 x = 7 -> length of kite's body x + 18 = 25 -> length of kite's tail

How does the length of a kites tail affect the wait flies?

the weight of the tail

How do you tell the difference between a newborn mouse and a newborn squirrel?

You have to look at the tail. Squirrels have bushy tails. mouses have thin tails.

What is the length of an alligators tail?

as long as its tail. Although the above answer is correct, I think what they are trying to say is that it all depends on the length of thr Alligator. Typically, the length of an Alligator's tail is about half of the total length of the animal itself. For example, the tail of an Alligator of 10 feet in length will be about 4 1/2 to 5 foot long.

What happens when a dog bites a mouses tail?

While some dogs are afraid of objects or small animals, the ones that aren't will bite the tail of the mouse. the mouse will shriek in pain, or it will run away.

How long is a chinnchilla tail?

Long-tailed chinchilla tail length is approximately 14.5 cm. Short-tailed chinchilla tail-length is approximately 10 cm.