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A product.

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Q: When you multiple two numbers together what do you get?
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Is the least common multiple of two numbers the product of those two numbers multiplied together?

Multiplying two numbers together will create a common multiple. It is sometimes, but not always, the LCM as well.

What is the common multiple of?

Multiply any two numbers together. Their product will be a common multiple of the two.

What makes 293 if multiple two numbers together?


What if there is no LCM in a fraction problem?

There is always going to be a LCM. Just multiply the two numbers together to get the a common multiple if you cant find one because the two numbers multiplied together is a common multiple.

Is two or more numbers that are multiplied together to form a product a multiple?

No. They are multiplicands.

When can you multiply two numbers together to get the least common multiple?

When they have no common prime factors.

What two numbers multiple together get 200?

How about 8*25 = 200 as one example

Can you always find the LCM for two numbers by multiplying them Why or why not?

No. You can always find a common multiple by multiplying two numbers together. It will only be the least common multiple if the numbers have no common factors other than one.

What is an example of a multiple?

Any number that is a product of another two numbers. For example, 2x2=4, therefore 4 is a multiple of 2. You can find multiples by multiplying two numbers together; the product is a multiple of both the multiplicand and multiplier.

When a number is a multiple of two or more numbers in a set it is a?

A number that is a multiple oof two or numbers is called a common multiple

In math what does the term squared mean?

SQUARED means when two numbers are the same and they multiple together to get a product but the numbers are factors of product

How do you multiple a number by a factor?

Factors are just numbers. Multiplying two numbers together should already be a part of your skill set.

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