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That is true.

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Q: When you multiply a fraction less than one by another fraction less than one your answer is always less than either factor?
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How do you multiply a fraction?

Multiply the numerators together. Multiply the denominators together. Reduce, if possible. The answer when multiplying fractions together will always be lower than either.

Why the quotient of two fractions is always greater than either fraction?

the quotient is always greater than the either fraction because any time when you multiply either number with 1 you will get the whole entire universe heheheheh

How can you solve the circumference of a circle if pi has been used as a fraction?

You can either 1)You can divide out the fraction used for pi then multiply by the diameter or 2)Put the diameter over 1 then multiply across with the fraction used for pi.

What fraction is not an equivalent fraction for one thirds?

Multiply the numerator (top) and the denominator (bottom) by any non-zero number and you will have an equivalent fraction. Change either one of them and you will have a fraction that is not equivalent.

Why is the product of two positive proper fractions always less than either fraction?

because when you multiply the denominators it creates a much smaller proportion. for example multiply 0.5 by 0.5, the result is 0.25 in fractions it is 1/2 x 1/2, the result 1/4

How do I multiply a fraction to a 100th power?

You can either calculate the fraction and raise the result to the 100th power or raise the numerator to the 100th power and divide it by the denominator raised to the 100th power.

When you multiply two thirds by a fraction less than one how does the product compare to the factor?

The product is less than either factor.

How do you subtract a negative fraction from a negative fraction?

In the same way that you would answer a fraction subtract another fraction. The result could be either positive or negative, just as is the case with negative whole numbers.

Is fraction a rational or irrational?

A fraction, consisting of one integer divided by another, non-zero, integer is a rational number.

Why convert mix number to improper fraction when multiplying mix number?

It's much easier to multiply fractions than it is to multiply mixed numbers. Try either one some time.

What's first step is to multiply top and bottom of the conjugate of the denominator?

Either: when given a fraction with a surd as the denominator, rationalising the denominator; Or, when given a fraction with a complex denominator, to make the denominator real.

How do you multiply without using either multiplier or repeated addition?

You can breed (have children). That is another form of multiplying!

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