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Q: When you sign the sci nondisclosure statement you are?
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Is there a nondisclosure agreement that candidates taking the certified internal auditor exam must sign?

The exam is nondisclosed. Individuals taking the exam sign a statement indicating that they will not disclose questions and answers subsequent to taking the exam.

Should the consultant and the employer both sign nondisclosure agreement or only the employer?

If there are secrets and processes that the consultant has a proprietary interest in, then both.

Does a felon apply for nondisclosure in the state in which the felony occurred or his present place of residence?

If by "nondisclosure" you are referring to the process of expungement, you will have to apply in the state in which you were convicted.

What is a mathematical statement that contains an equal sign?

A mathematical statement that contains an equal sign is called an equation.

What will John Proctor not sign?

he will not sign his own statement ( CONFESSION)

What is a statement with an equal sign?

an equation

Nondisclosure Agreements Protect Against Intellectual Property Theft?

When sharing proprietary information with someone, an individual or a company may choose to use a nondisclosure agreement as a means of protection. Nondisclosure agreements are used in a variety of instances, but most often, they are used to protect against theft of intellectual property. An example of this may be when a company needs to share proprietary information with a prospective employee in the interview process, but they will want to make sure the prospective employee does not share that information, even if not hired. As a result, they will typically have that person sign a nondisclosure agreement.What is Included in a Nondisclosure Agreement?A nondisclosure agreement typically contains the identity of the parties bound by the agreement, what information is protected by it, how long the information is protected by the agreement, as well as what the penalties are for breaking the agreement. A nondisclosure agreement may not list all of the specific information that is not to be disclosed, but instead, it may simply list general areas of information to be kept secret. An example of this may be where a rival company is being propositioned about a partnership by an engineering firm, and the propositioning company provides specifications about a new project. In this scenario, a nondisclosure agreement may not list the project or its details specifically, but instead, it may opt to simply cover any and all engineering specifications and projects disclosed during the meeting.The Timeline of EnforcementMany nondisclosure agreements will also include information regarding how long the agreement is in effect for. This is done to protect information that may be time sensitive, such as information about a new product that will be debuting soon. After the specified period of time has passed, both parties are then free to disclose the protected information without penalty.Penalties for Disclosing InformationIf information is knowingly shared by a party that signs a nondisclosure agreement, there are various penalties that could be levied. The agreement itself may outline specific penalties, such as litigation, or it may list monetary damages that could be collected if the disclosed information is used to hurt the person or company providing the information. This also applies if someone signs a nondisclosure agreement, but then uses the information they have gained to emulate a product, service or idea.

What do you call a mathematical sentence that contains an equal sign?

A mathematical statement that contains an = sign is called an equation.ex:2x +5 is a statement, this is NOT an equation.2x +5 = 10this IS an equation, because it has an = sign.

What does sci?

'sci' is short for 'science', as in 'sci fi'.'sci' is also an acronym for spinal cord injury.

A mathematical statement that contains an equal sign?

an equation

Mathematical statement that contains an equal sign?

An equation.

How do you pronounce sciatic?

Sci-at-ic 'sci' as in 'sci-ence' or even 'sigh'