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when you subtract one square number with another the answer is 16 what are the two numbers

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Q: When you subtract one square number from another square number the answer is 16 what was the first number?
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When you subtract one square number from another is answer 7?

only if the first number is 4 (16 when squared) and the second is 3 (9 when squared)

When you subtract one number from another the answer is 21?

It can be if the first number is x + 21 and the second is x for any number x.

How do you determine a difference when subtracting two integers that have the same signs?

(-10) - (-5) = (-5) when subtracting a negative number from another negative number if the first number is larger that the second number then you just subtract the to numbers. don't worry about the signs just subtract the numbers when your done put the sign of the first number on again.

How do you subtract a mixed number by a mixed number?

To subtract a mixed number by a mixed number you first need to turn the fractions into improper fractions then you just subtract them as you would with the normal fractions

-1.6-6.2 Subtract the signed number by adding the opposite of the second number to the first?


How do you subtract a bigger number from a smaller one?

if you want to subtract a bigger number from a smaller one, first subtract smaller number from bigger one add negative sign in front of answer you got

What is 23-71?


How do you find the square of a root number?

you take the number and find another number that would make the first number times itself. for example: the square root of 144 is 12

What is an inverse operation subtract 5?

The inverse operation for subtract 5 is add 5. This is because whatever number you start with, if you first "subtract 5" and then "add 5" or if you first "add 5" and then "subtract 5" you are back to the number you started with.

What is the relationship between square numbers and square roots?

The square root is the area in which you take 1 length and you multiply that number times the same number and you have your square root. The square you put it on graph paper and you size is going to be 3x3 then you connect the dots and count how may squares you have and that is your answer.There is an inverse relationship. If one number is the square of another then the second number is the square root of the first number.

How do you subtract mixed numbers and improper fractions.?

First you would want to change the mixed number to an improper fraction. Then you can subtract

When adding two opposite integers?

Subtract the number you first thought of.

How do you find the complement and a supplement of a number?

To find the complementary angle, you subtract 90 by the first given complement angle. To find the supplementary angle, you subtract 180 by the first given supplement angle.

How many one liter oil cans fit in one twenty foot container?

1st measure the area of the oil bottle LxWxH to get square footage. subtract .3 from total to count for bottle shape,unless using a case box. then calculate same square footage for container 20'XWxH. subtract your first number from the second number.this will be a close estimate. it depends on if your filling it top top bottom in cardboard boxes or just toosing empty bottles in container,or stacking pallets.if stacking pallets take container square footage and subtract pallet size (by calculation) by number of pallets.

How many times can you subtract the number 5 to 25?

You can only subtract 5 from 25 once because after the first time it is no longer 25 :)

When you subtract a negative by a negative what do you get?

depends if the first number is bigger than the second number than it is a negative

How do you bypass pass code on iPhone?

this is for restrictions. take the first number on your serial number and then subtract it by 1 then do that number then the first number and alternate

What does Term mean when using square and triangle numbers?

Each term is a square or triangular number. In the context of the sequence of square numbers, the first term is the first square number, the second term is the second square number and so on.

What numbers add up to 10?

Choose any number for the first number. Subtract 10 minus the number you chose to get the second number.

Which pair of numbers has a sum of 100?

There are infinitely many solutions for that. Choose ANY number as the first number. The subtract 100 minus this number, to get the second number.

What to numbers tha can be added to make 43?

This, of course, has infinitely many solutions. Choose ANY number for the first number. Then, subtract 43 minus your first number, to get the second number.

What is a square root?

The square root of a number is the factor which when multiplied by itself is equal to that number. i.e. 2 X 2 = 4, so 2 is the square root of 4.A square root is a number that when listed as old school rows and columns in an abbacus, makes a perfect square (all sides are equal listing squares as multiplication in rows).Example2x2=4 and 4 is the square of 2 it was called a square because listing it as rowsOOOOwe see 2 even sides on the (O's) on all sides, making a perfect squarelets try 3 the square root of 3 is 3x3=9 and we see below 3 objects on all sides making a perfect square (if we subtract the space in between the first amount) in the amount below listed as old school counting.OOOOOOOOOEDIT: The definition of a square root is a number which, when multiplied by itself, will give you your original number. The first contributor has demonstrated the numerical explanation.The square root of a number is the number that must be multiplied by itself to get that number. if y is a number then the solution to the equation y=x^2 is the square root of y.

When I subtract 25 from your number then square the answer you get the same result as when I square my number then subtract 25 from the answer?


What is the Sith square number?

Assuming the first square number is 12, then the sixth (not sith) square number is 62 or 6*6 = 36.

What do you get if you subtract an odd and even number?

Odd. First subtract 1 less than your odd number, (which is obviously even) to get even - even, which is even. Then take off your spare 1 to finish up odd.