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Not knowing your make and type of calculator it is impossible to say.

With my Casio fx-85ES in MathIO mode, it will attempt to give an exact an answer if possible when the = key is pressed.. So it will display fractions when possible. Whether as a mixed number or an improper fraction is configurable by setup (shift-mode). Pressing Shift-= will force it to display as a decimal.

The shift-= can be used if an answer is displayed, but note that if the calculation involves ANS, then pressing Shift-= will redo the calculation with the current answer.

In LineIO mode, it gives the normal decimal display.

MathIO or LineIO is chosen from the setup (shift-mode) menu.

If you have another calculator, check its manual.

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Q: When you type a question into my calculator it comes up as a fraction what have i done?
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How do you convert decimals to fractions on a scientific calculator?

Entering a fraction can be done on any calculator, scientific or simple. This can be done by taking the fraction and entering it a division operation. For example the fraction of three fourths will be entered as "3 divided by 4" to yield . 75.

How do you convert a fraction into a decimal fraction using calculator?

If I understand this right, you want to know how to convert a fraction into a decimal with the aid of a calculator. This is usually done by pressing the fraction button on your calculator which changes it from a fraction to a decimal and vice versa.

How do you use a calulator to change a fraction to a decimal?

-- Divide the numerator by the denominator. -- Multiply the result by 100. Note: This can also be done with a pencil, if no calculator is available.

What is 3 and 11 16ths in decimal form?

3.6875. This is easily done on a calculator, just enter the fraction (11/16) then add the integer (3) to the answer.

Where is the fraction key on the TI-83 Plus Calculator?

To type a fraction such as 5/8, enter 5 divided by 8, or 5/8. To type a fraction like 42/3, enter (4 + 2/3). To veiw your answer as a fraction, press MATH and select option 1, >Frac (after you have done your calculation). You should see Ans>Frac. Press ENTER.

What is 897 divided by 38?


How is an improper fraction done?

The answer will depend on what you want done.

How do you into a fraction and decimal?

The answer depends on what you want to "do" into a fraction or decimal. Not all numbers can be "done" into a fraction.

Why is it important to check your answers for reasonableness even when you use a calculator?

you could have done something wrong on the calculator !

What happends to the size of the fraction when you rename the fraction?

Renaming a fraction, if done properly, will not affect its size.

What is half of 566?

283 ! Done without the aid of a calculator !

Can a PS2 be traced?

what? no! its like trying to trace a calculator! it cant be done.