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Multiply. Be careful what you multiply because different shapes have different rules. Squares are different than triangles, are different than circles, etc.

Adding gives you a perimeter.

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Q: When your trying to find the area of a shape should you add or multiply?
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Multiply to find the area?

It depends on the shape of the area you are trying to find. The most basic calculation would be the area of a rectangle, which is A = lw (area = length times width).

Area of a shape?

Multiply length multipled by the width

When you multiply the length and width are trying to find?

the area

How do you find the length?

To find the length of a triangle or what ever shape your trying to find all you have to do is multiply width times the area. * * * * * Or, if you want the correct answer, you could try to divide the area by the width. That assumes the shape is a rectangle and that the area and width are known!

Do you add when you are trying to find the area?

No because you multiply the dimensions

What is area length?

It all depends on what kind of surface you are trying to find the area for. Each shape has a different formula. Be more specific by saying what kind of shape you are trying to find.

How do you find the area of a diamond shape?

You can find the area of a diamond shape similarly to the way you find the area of a square except using the diagonals. All you have to do is multiply the diagonals to find the area.

Do you multiply for area?

It depends what you are trying to get the area of. For example, to find the area of a square or rectangle you multiply the length times the width. But to find the area of a triangle, you multiply the height times 1/2 of the base. So yes, you usually multiply to find area of a figure, but there may be more steps to the process.

How do you work out the area of an L shape?

You should break it down in to smaller shapes. Two rectangles. Then figure out all the lengths. Multiply to find the area of the two rectangles. then add the products to get the final area.

How do you calculate the area and perimiter of a basic shape?

You multiply the length times the width of the shape. LxW=A

How you measure the Shape?

You can measure the shape by calculating its area. The formula of an area depends on the shape you want to measure. Here are some formula of an area: Circle= get the square of the radius and multiply it by pi constant Square= get the square of one of the sides Rectangle = multiply its length by its width Triangle= multiply the base by its height and divide the product by two

How do you determine the Surface area of a floor?

The answer depends on what shape it is and what information you have about that shape.

Do you multiply when you're trying to find the area?

Yes, the area of an object is most commonly width times length.

Do you multiply all of the sides to find area?

No. But the exact formula depends on the shape that you are talking about.

What is the meaning of perimeter and area?

perimeter means inside of shape and u addarea means outside of shape and u multiplyperimeter and area questions

How do you find the area of a parallelagram?

to find the area of a parallelogram you must find the right angle of the shape then you multiply it with the base number and then you get your answer

Do you add or subtract with area?

If you are solving for area of a basic shape, you multiply and follow formulasi.e. square = L^2 rectangle = L*W Circle = (pi)r^2 Triangle = .5BH etc.If you are solving the area for a complex shape, such as a square, rectangle, and triangle conjoined, you add the areas of each individual shape.You will only ever subtract if trying to find a new area after cutting out a shape from it (which won't be done until later maths)

How do you calculate the area and perimeter of shapes?

To calculate the area you multiply the width times lenghth.the numbers that are on the side of the shape multiply them and you'll get the area. Now to get the perimeter you add the numbers on the sides together. Add lenght times width.that's how you get your perimter and area.

How do you determine the area if you know the length and width?

is the shape 2d or 3d? what is the shape? if if 2d then hust multiply the length by height

What is the formula for finding the area of a 2-D shape?

It depends on the shape. To find the area of a square, multiply two sides (length x width), or find the square of a side (s2). To find the area of a rectangle, multiply length times width. The area of a triangle is 1/2 base x height, or (base x height)/2.

Should the area of a shape be the same as the perimeter?


When you are findinbg the area of something what should you do?

Multiply the length by the width.

How do you calculate the perimeter and area of a shape?

Perimeter: add all sides area: multiply length times width for rectangles

How do you find the volume of a rectangular prism if you have the area?

All you need is the area of the base and then multiply that by the height and you have the volume of any 3-D shape.

What is an area in math?

Area is just the area inside a shape. An example would be to get an area of a rectangle or square, you would just multiply the length times the width.