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Q: When zero is the devisor what will the result be?
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an exact devisor of a number?

A factor of a number.

What is the greatest common devisor of 18 and 45?


What is the result of division by zero?

Division by zero is impossible.

What is the result when 325 is decreased by 100 percent?

the result will be zero

It is acceptable to divide by zero?

In mathematics, division by zero has an "undefined" result.

Is zero divided by ten equals zero?

Yes, zero divided by ten does equal zero. When zero is divided by any number, the result is zero.

Is zero divided by zero one or zero?

The answer is neither. You cannot divide by zero at all. The result of zero divided by zero, as with any other division by zero, is undefined.

What is the physical significance of null vectors?

Zero vector or null vector is a vector which has zero magnitude and an arbitrary direction. It is represented by . If a vector is multiplied by zero, the result is a zero vector. It is important to note that we cannot take the above result to be a number, the result has to be a vector and here lies the importance of the zero or null vector. The physical meaning of can be understood from the following examples. The position vector of the origin of the coordinate axes is a zero vector. The displacement of a stationary particle from time t to time tl is zero. The displacement of a ball thrown up and received back by the thrower is a zero vector. The velocity vector of a stationary body is a zero vector. The acceleration vector of a body in uniform motion is a zero vector. When a zero vector is added to another vector , the result is the vector only. Similarly, when a zero vector is subtracted from a vector , the result is the vector . When a zero vector is multiplied by a non-zero scalar, the result is a zero vector.

What does any number times zero equal?

Multiplying any number by zero yields the result zero !

What is the the result of 50 divided by 0?

Undefined: You cannot divide by zero

Does dividing by zero result in an imaginary number?

No. Dividing by zero is undefined. It does not result in anything.

What is the meaning of devisor?

One who devises, or gives real estate by will; a testator; -- correlative to devisee.