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You can find the contact number for Air Evac directly on their website under the "Contact Us" tab. Their number for emergency dispatch is 1-800-247-3822.

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Q: Where can one find a contact number for Air Evac?
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When was Air Evac created?

Air Evac was created in 1969.

What services does the Air Evac Lifeteam offer?

There are many services that the Air Evac Lifeteam offers. One of the biggest and most important services that the Air Evac Lifeteam offers is emergency rescue.

How do air evac medical flights work?

Air evac medical flights work by taking the patient to the nearest hospital. There is often a charge for this service.

Do most insurance policies cover air evac medical flights?

Most insurance companies will cover air evac medical flights if needed. Check with your policy for specific details.

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I found this link for Air evac flights . On Travel Nursing, RN Jobs, and Nurse Forums

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What is the U.S. policy regarding hijacking

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