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A croquet set can be purchased online from sites like Amazon, Fogdog, Toys 'R' US or Ebay. They can also be found at some sports supply stores and hobby stores.

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Q: Where can one find a croquet set?
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How many wickets are in a croquet game?

Croquet is a very interesting game and there are six wickets in this game. People who are looking to buy croquet set for playing this amazing game can visit croquet-set as it offers durable and best quality croquet sets in affordable rates.

What things are in a croquet set?

A croquet set contains various important equipments that are needed to play croquet game like mallets, balls, winning peg, boxes etc. It's equipments are totally depend on the type of croquet game you are going to play.

What animals were used as a croquet set in Alice in Wonderland?

In the croquet game hedgehogs served as balls and flamingos were used as mallets.

Where can one find different types of croquet sets online?

They are several stores online that offer good quality croquet sets for sale. A few examples of these are croquetonline, croquetset, sporting101, and sportcraft.

What is 'croquet' when translated from English to Italian?

Croquet in French is croquet in Italian.

Where do play croquet?

In a croquet lawn

Is croquet a sport?

Yes, croquet is a sport.

What is croquet?

Croquet is one of the most interesting game that includes hitting a plastic or wooden ball with the help of a mallet through hoops.

What are the croquet bat and ball called?

croquet Mallet

In hat event did a woman win the first Olympic medal presented by a female?

croquet croquet croquet

What is a croquet stick?

The stick used in croquet is known as a mallet.

When was Croquet Project created?

Croquet Project was created in 2007.

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