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I purchased mine through "POOL MART" in San Antonio. The base is a (4) bolt stand that looks like a tooth for a 6 ft. board.They are not cheap at about $350.00 apiece. Aquaslide "n" Dive has a web site but sells for the same money on the internet. Good Luck!!

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โˆ™ 2004-07-24 13:59:42
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Q: Where can you find a diving board base for a 6 foot Aquaslide 'n dive?
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Where can you find parts for a aqua slide n dive diving board specifically the 4-5 inch bolts that go through the back of the board into the spring base. I think they are half inch bolts?

We found the bolts in the local Home Depot. But, we need to replace our Aquaslide N Dive diving board. Does anyone know where we can find a replacement board?

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Where can you find installation instructions for an aquaslide diving board?

First, I would check my insurance policy for adequate coverage. If not covered by your insurance ~ good luck in finding someone who will cover you. See that the pool and the dive board are compatible, meaning, that all measurements, slope, hopper, depth, position of the board, height of the board from deck, type of spring action, proper positioning of the spring base, proper anchoring, correct base for the board, proper length of the board, and more are precise. Also, if this is a used board, hmmmm. Best policy, not to install one in. Check out the horror stories on the web. Most likely you will also have a difficult time in finding a professional installer to do the job.

Where can you find half inch by three and a half inch stainless bolts for a six foot Aquaslide N Dive diving board?

Possible a marine hardware store if you live near a lake or the ocean. Some cities have specialty tool stores that sometimes carry certain stainless steel nuts, bolts etc. k

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the air inside you

Where can you find replacement handrails for an Aquaslide N' Dive slide ladder?

I have an old Aquaslide. Can I still get parts for it?A: We still manufacture ladders, legs, and handrails for the Duke and the Queen models of the Aquaslides. The Duke was a 3-legged slide, the Queen had 4 legs.

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