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There was a teacher in a center-based school who had been teaching students who had IQ scores registering above 140. She had done an effective job of stretching students in this homogeneous. The administration and parents supported her and were with what she accomplished.
wondered what would happen she taught this same in a heterogeneous setting was highly diversified. She her wish when she placed in a fifth classroom with identified special needs students who could yet read in any ways, students who were unable to speak English, students were working at grade , and students who were capable than students had been working with the past.
Starting at very beginning she had to make numerous adaptations that not been necessary in former setting. The truth she had to find to work intensively with who were not yet to ensure their growth essential reading and writing . She also had to tremendous support to students caregivers could not provide materials, internet access or . Inquiry skills were taught many students who had previously encountered them. And had to figure out the ways to extend the curriculum for students whose already exceeded its parameters the year began. It could be said that this teacher decided to "differentiate instruction in a mixed-ability classroom," that she "decided to teach them all."

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Q: Where can you find cloze comprehension in context answers?
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