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Try this site! I would also like to know how to install pot lights in the kitchen of a two story home..How do you get the wires past the studs in the ceiling to the other lights ? thanks...E

First figure out where the joist spaces are. Get a stud finder and mark them out for better reference. Plan out where you want your pot lights to sit and cut out your holes. I use an appropriately sized hole saw. If you need to go through the joists you will need a drill and a drill bit that will make a hole big enough to get your wire through. If your pot lights are separated by multiple joists you will have to make holes in each joist space between them in the drywall to gain access.

SAVE YOUR CUTOUTS! It will make patching the drywall a lot easier once you're finished.

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Q: Where can you find instructions to correctly install pot lights?
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