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Q: Where can you find the serial numbers on a gm 6.2 diesel?
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How old is my winchester model 62 serial number 850418 serial number is on trigger plate and base off action no mistake .62 22. is on the barrel also has 3 pins in bolt also 62 composite butt?

My Winchester records show that the Winchester model 62 was made from 1932-to 1959.The serial numbers go from 1-410,456.I would look your serial number over again,or the model number.

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62 & 61

Find age of Winchester model 62 rifle with serial 29150A?

Go to and select Winchester

How old is this gunIt is a single six ruger serial 62-86467?

Ruger website, customer service, historical data, revolver, find your serial number-

How old is a Winchester 62 serial 75765A?

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 62 was made in the year 1938.

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Where can you find serial number ranges for the 62 Colt frontier scout revolver?

Blue Book of Gun Values.

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